CrossFit Lumberjack 20
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CrossFit Lumberjack 20

Meet Marcus Hendren: he had been raised on a farm, finished high school with 12 varsity letters, and proceeded to try out football at Cornell University. He’s additionally one of best CrossFitters in the world. Into the 2012 games, Hendren attained seventh spot; in 2013, he arrived 6th. This current year, Hendren hopes to improve even more and discover a spot on the podium.

Crucial Stats

Title: Marcus Hendren
Level: 5’10”
Weight: 198 pounds
Occupation: Farmer, elite CrossFit athlete

Hendren’s CrossFit journey began in belated 2010. “I was in my senior year of university and ended up being stopping a football injury. My time as a college athlete was over, and I was looking for another outlet to contend. I’d always enjoyed training and heard about CrossFit, thus I decided to test it out for, ” Hendren states.

Hendren was not fundamentally destined for CrossFit. He discovered the activity and has since worked for constant improvement. His inspiring tale demonstrates by using commitment, even biggest ambitions are doable. If you wish to teach and regularly enhance like Marcus, start with some of his favorite workouts, referred to as “WODs” inside CrossFit neighborhood.

Lumberjack 20

Hendren dove headfirst into CrossFit. Without a coach or CrossFit gymnasium, Hendren started their CrossFit trip using the ultra-tough work out “Lumberjack 20” to get their feet wet. To fully know how this WOD jumped Hendren to the CrossFit life style, check it out yourself! It really is a brutal test of your aerobic and muscular stamina.

After CrossFitting by himself, Hendren desired to observe he stacked against other athletes. “2-3 weeks later on, we joined up with my neighborhood field, ” he claims. “1st WOD I did there had box jumps. I happened to be trying to set my tresses on fire at the start and finished up tipping a box over and landing level to my straight back.”

The start of their CrossFit profession was rocky, but he soon became an explosive talent. Hendren continued going to every WOD like a madman while discovering an even more strategic approach. “Fast ahead three years and I’ve completed within the top two consecutive many years, ” he claims.


“I’ve always been athletic and a gymnasium rat, ” claims Hendren, “so many WODs calling for a barbell and volatile moves tend to be inside my wheelhouse. Certainly one of my preferences could be the Hero WOD “DT.” DT is a fast-paced, power WOD that demands severe fat under your quickest possible time. Give it a go when you wish to try your athleticism.

Circuit: 5 rounds for time

2013 Regionals Event 7

Hendren loves to rise, clean, and sprint, and this next occasion is one of is own favorite exercises. “The neat and rope rise WOD from Regionals in 2013 is regarded as my favorites given that it includes two moves I’m very more comfortable with, ” he claims.

Performing Through Weakness

Through his experiences within the Games, Hendren has actually found a few of his weaknesses. “The good thing about CrossFit is the fact that there are constantly what to run, ” he says. “i’ve found i am perhaps not keen on swimming or half-marathon rows. We today swim once per week with a coach. Increases are sluggish, but I’m making development!” he says.

Because area will continue to get deeper and much more skilled, Hendren cannot let up. Is continually competitive, Hendren has got to be much better than he was this past year. “in 2010, I’ve concentrated more about principles because any type of superiority is rooted in a solid basis, ” he claims.

You can watch Hendren contend at CrossFit Regionals, which start might 9th! Enjoy his favorite workouts for the time being and let us know your results—and your own personal favorite WODs—in the opinions below!