Two man Buck saw Handles Canada BC
Image by Kate Cox from Pixabay

Two man Buck saw Handles Canada BC

Season three of the background Channel wilderness success tv show “Alone” will feature a Maine man with a lengthy reputation for exercising outside survival abilities.

Zachary Fowler, a boatbuilder who lives in an off-the-grid yurt in Appleton with his wife and two children, will be one of ten participants on “Alone, ” the third season of which will premiere at 9 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 9 on The History Channel.


The tv show features ten individuals, that are are dropped into a remote location somewhere in the world and must survive on their own, in just ten personally-selected things and a video clip camera with that they will document their knowledge. This year occurs in Patagonia, in the southern tip of South America.

Fowler, 37, is a Vermont native who moved to Maine in the early 20s, mastering the craft of boatbuilding and in the end creating their yurt, with few contemporary amenities. He could be a devoted practitioner of a sustainable lifestyle, as well as backwoods success, and has now a YouTube channel labeled as Makery and Mischief, in which he showcases their skills.

For “Alone, ” Fowler decided to bring with him the immediate following:

1. Shovel: Spetznas (Russian Special Forces) design w/ sharpened advantage
2. Resting Bag: -20°
3. Ax: felling ax
4. Pot: 2 quarts w/ handle
5. Ferro Rod
6. Slingshot: custom-made, 2 rubber bands, 30 bits of ammo
7. Fishing Line & Hooks: 25 hooks; 20 lb test & 50 lb test
8. Paracord
9. Saw: crosscut-saw
10. Multitool: pliers, guthook, screwdriver, blade, spoon measure, file, scissors, stitching awl

The first two months of “Alone” had been set-in remote areas in British Columbia, Canada. Period one had been obtained by Alan Kay of Georgia, who lasted 56 times; period two was claimed by David McIntire of Michigan, just who lasted 66 times. The contestant that lasts the longest inside backwoods wins a grand reward of $500, 000.