Means of Transporting logs British Columbia
Photo by Lukas from Pexels

Means of Transporting logs British Columbia

Fraser Surrey Docks / Pacific Rim Stevedoring and Tidal Transport & Trading have actually formed an alliance to produce clients because of the best possible solution. TT&T management tend to be familiar faces on sign loading business in British Columbia – Ron Brinkhurst and Miles Hollingbury each bring significantly more than fifteen years experience in vessel running to make certain your shipment is managed efficiently.

An Ideal Place

Fraser Surrey Docks is based where in fact the greater part of British Columbia export log tows originate, not as much as 30 kilometres from the mouth of Fraser River. This convenient place is one of our primary advantages over various other services – our distance towards the storage grounds of B.C. primary log manufacturers suggests decreased transport times and smoother shipping.

A Competent Staff

The individuals at Fraser Surrey Docks have fostered a strong sense of teamwork in the neighborhood staff we count on available the highest standard of service. We possess the support associated with the people and officers associated with I.L.W.U. Local 502 – together we address potential difficulties and locate solutions.