Responsible wood sourcing Canada BC
Photo by Gareth Willey from Pexels

Responsible wood sourcing Canada BC

Our Specialty is Sitka Spruce
You shouldn’t be tricked by several of our competition’s statements. We offer the best Sitka Spruce.

Our Expertise
We all know Sitka Spruce
We realize Grade
We all know Tonewood
We’ve been supplying the best possible Sitka Spruce soundboard product readily available
for over a decade and now we process over 50, 000 guitar tops worth of Sitka Spruce yearly
to Luthiers, providers and Builders of Acoustic Instruments.

Our Weather
Prince of Wales Island features a cool, maritime weather.
You see, Sitka Spruce is a coastal maritime specie of tree.
It thrives with a lot of liquid, however it must-have good drainage.

Our weather is certainly not too dry . . . not also wet . . . maybe not too hot . . . and never also cool.
It is simply appropriate!
The typical summertime temperatures vary from 45-75 degrees while winter months’s average 32-45 levels.
Our average rain is mostly about 100 ins including up to 40 ins of snow in a few elements of the Island,
with gale winds becoming very common.

Our Soil
Our soil is extremely mineralized, wealthy with limestone to sweeten the otherwise acid soil.
And oh, the Sitka Spruce trees love it!

Terrace, BC, Canada which will be 100+ kilometers inland through the coastline has Sitka Spruce
BUT it’s colder and drier. Sitka Spruce expands indeed there, but not in addition to south Southeast Alaska

(Terrace is situated on Highway 37, 600 km (372 mi.) west of Prince George. Elevation: 217m (712 ft.) Average July Temperature:16ºC (61ºF)
Typical January Temperature: -5ºC (23ºF) Annual Rainfall: 93cm (37 in.) Annual Snowfall:389cm (153 in.) (origin:

Why should you buy your tonewood from Alaska Specialty Woods?
If you are planning to buy corn, you would go right to the corn belt such as for instance Iowa, Illinois or Indiana.
If you’re looking to purchase cedar you’d go to the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State.
If you’re shopping for the best Sitka Spruce for your soundboard, Alaska Specialty Woods could be the spot.

In regards to the level

Level requirements differs from a single merchant to a different.

Like: we sell certainly one of my AA kinds of electric guitar tops by the hundreds to another merchant (with regards to their sake, I won’t say who)
They re-grade to their specifications, updating around 66percent regarding the lot with their AAA Grade.

Some claim to sell Master Grade for $29.99/set it is it certainly Master level?
Not totally all Master level Tops are exactly the same
Not all AAA’s are the same
Not absolutely all AA’s are exactly the same
Not all the a class tops are exactly the same

Some never downgrade for shade, claiming all Sitka has actually pink shade . . . That Is FAKE!
Some claim green trees tend to be better . . . That is FALSE also.

An old fact: Logs seasoned into the round produce much better lumber whenever air drying which is the Luthiers preferred method of drying out.

Alaska Specialty Woods processes over 50, 000 guitar tops really worth of Sitka Spruce yearly
and other soundboard material aswell.
99percent of it is tonewood
Alaska Specialty Woods happens to be manufacturing
and selling Sitka Spruce Soundboard Material for over 10 years.

We understand Sitka
We know level
We understand Tonewood
Experience is wonderful for both Seller and Buyer
You may not get a number of buzz and wild claims from me personally!

One supplier claims to-be “really the only origin for curly Sitka Spruce” and that he found it!
Alaska Specialty Woods has sold that type for more than five years. To ensure that blows his claim from the sky.

Vendors that offer AAA and Master level Guitar Tops that are not surfaced, don’t possess an idea what they’re offering.
Suppliers that offer harsh split block/billets with those claims are a whole lot worse.
There might be little doubt, towards the experienced eye,
your product both in cases could possibly be a #1 level, but a no. 1 level features 3 or maybe more types (A, AA and AAA, etc.)