Lumberjack saw Warren Arkansas British Columbia
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Lumberjack saw Warren Arkansas British Columbia

Frankie Armstrong
Born in Cumberland, The united kingdomt, Frankie began singing whenever first people increase struck England in 1957. By 1962 she had turned to Uk traditional tracks and ballads, which, alongside commercial and modern British tracks, today form the woman vast music repertoire. Frankie has been deeply impacted by A.L. Lloyd and Ewan MacColl, Britain’s leading scholars and exponents of old-fashioned song. She’s caused them in recordings plus in live activities. And the woman work in the people clubs, she’s done at numerous folk and arts celebrations, and has now toured in america, Canada and Europe. Recently, Frankie happens to be leading an ever-increasing amount of vocal workshops, designed to assist vocalists and non-singers alike to liberate their sounds. Frankie is also a social employee, and throughout a lot of the last fifteen many years did inside field.

Leon Bibb
Leon Bibb isn’t any complete stranger to Vancouver viewers; he life and often carries out here. We’re pleased to welcome him back into the Festival. Those lucky souls who attended the purpose Stage Blues Workshop final summer time will remember Leon’s powerful a cappella performance of work tracks and chain gang tracks – the type of songs which sooner or later provided beginning to your blues. Now, Leon Bibb has taped a television specific for the CBC, “Mr. Candyman and also the Gospel, ” which he conceived and co-wrote. This special is going to be broadcast into the fall season.

With a grand roar of Celtic thunder, Barde introduced tens of thousands for their feet throughout their Pacific to Atlantic Canadian trip through the summertime of 1978. From Cape Breton to Vancouver the standard tunes of Ireland, Scotland, Quebec plus the Atlantic Provinces relocated the ground under foot. The music is played on fiddle, guitar, banjo, mandolin, dulcimer, tin whistle, recorder, accordion and bohdran. Barde users hail from a number of sides of the world. Toby Cinnnsealac and Chris Crilly come from Ireland; Richard Chapman and Ed Moore are from the USA and Pierre Guerin and Elliot Selick tend to be Quebecois. Together, in French and English, they bring to life a music generations old. If you’re perhaps not already a fan of Celtic songs, Barde can make you one.

Tony Bird
Born of British parents in Malawi, Tony Bird is a self-taught singer and guitar player whoever travels took him to Britain, the Mediterranean, the Persian Gulf and all sorts of over Southern Africa. Influenced by stone, jazz, and blues, Tony has additionally consumed the native rhythms and shades of his indigenous Africa. It is strange for a white performer. Exactly what perhaps is much more strange may be the view of South African society expressed in the tracks. Tony Bird writes his songs in solidarity with black colored Africans and their struggle against oppression. Tony is unquestionably an uncommon bird, and bound to be among the unexpected situations at this year’s event.

Ken Bloom
Occasionally it appears to united states that the tool Ken Bloom can’t play featuresn’t already been built yet, so when it is, Ken will build it. Ken has actually risen above their former calling as a studio musician for such unforgettable noise paths as “Mod Squad” and “The Monkees, ” and we also think this is great. Bloom happy audiences eventually year’s event along with his work on a number of the numerous devices he plays, including electric guitar, clarinet, saxophone, bandura, Northumbrian tiny pipelines and Delta bottle-neck blues concert zither, in addition to their hot Motown plans of traditional US folk songs. Who knows what he’s got at heart this year. His fine first record album is currently available on Flying fish.

Heather Bishop
Heather Bishop is much better known in prairies than this woman is here, but we instead think your Festival will change all of that. She actually is a superb performer, a powerful and interpretive blues musician and the composer of some remarkable songs. Heather normally known for the woman championship for the women’s activity. The woman very first solamente album, “Grandmother’s Songs, ” has already been introduced on Mother of Pearl label.

Dave Bradstreet and Carl Kesee
Although born in London, Dave Bradstreet is no stranger towards Canadian folk scene. He begun to have fun with the Toronto folk clubs in 1968, going through the Riverboat toward Pornographic Onion, and opening for functions such as for instance Biff Rose and David Bromberg. In 1974 he formed the group Lazarus with Carl Keesee and Bill Hughes, and toured america and Canada. In 1975 Dave and Carl toured Canada as a duo, and they’re coming collectively towards Vancouver Folk music Festival additionally. Dave plays electric guitar, banjo and ukulele, while Carl, on bass, clarinet and vocals, is described as “more lover than backup.” Dave’s 2nd album, “Dreaming in Colour, ” is reported to be “all in regards to the emancipation of a folkie.”

Saul Broudy
Saul could very well be most widely known as a harmonica player, having accompanied such designers as Steve Goodman, Jim Ringer, Debby McClatchy and Utah Philips, in both tracks and live activities. He in addition sings and plays electric guitar in a wide range of designs, including country-and-western, bluegrass, 50’s rock-and-roll, blues and United states people. Originally from Philadelphia, Saul happens to be a consistent performer at groups and celebrations, coffee homes, universities and large schools, all over the Midwestern and east USA and Canada. He could be additionally a PhD prospect in folklore within University of Pennsylvania.

Bob Carpenter
Bob Carpenter’s songs being called “unabashedly intimate, ” while Bob himself is referred to as “the archetypal folkie.” After a northern Ontario youth, he spent the 60’s wandering round the continent. He travelled the Canadian coffee-house circuit, focusing on Yorkville when it is at its peak. His tracks have now been taped by Tom race and Bonnie Koloc, among others. Bob plans to carry on playing for Toronto people groups, and a record because of the CBC is possible in the near future.

The Cathy Fink – Duck Donald Band
Since 1974 Cathy Fink and Duck Donald have actually criss-crossed Canada therefore the USA, touring non-stop while perfecting their unique way of the old-time songs obtained become heir to. Previously in 2010, Cathy and Duck decided to build regarding the basis that they had laid, providing on their own the possibility to explore types of old-time music that required more devices and much more than two voices. They joined up with causes with Darcie Deaville, one of the better flat-pickers around, and bass player Dave Harvey (that dessert eatin’ man!). Dave previously used the Humber River Valley Boys, while Darcie recently used the Albertan nation and bluegrass musical organization, Village Point. Thus, The Cathy Fink-Duck Donald Band came to be: a versatile group that performs old-time duets, string musical organization music, bluegrass and swing. The band features interesting initial material plus the old-time greats using country and western appeal that he heard and loved a year ago. Our company is genuine happy to ask them to back.

Elizabeth Cotten
Born in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, in 1893, Elizabeth Cotten is best referred to as composer of the classic “Freight Train, ” a folk track she published whenever she was 12. Her complex finger picking style features offered as a design for generations of musicians, although hardly any have actually ever before attemptedto master her strange strategy. She plays left-handed, with her guitar presented “upside down, ” in other words. without reversing the strings, to ensure her flash selections out the melody range. The woman songs pre-dates the blending of ragtime, traditional and spiritual tunes that has been part of the turn-of-the-century black colored experience.