Lumberjack YouTube
Image by Ksv_gracis from Pixabay

Lumberjack YouTube

A few chose to get an assisting hand from Mother Nature to show the gender of their very first youngster to buddies, family in addition to wider globe.

The hipster few, Trevor and Tayler Hager, from Nashville, tend to be putting on matching red and black checked tops, and observed in an autumnal-looking woodland equipped with a chainsaw for special statement.

The bearded father-to-be, a musician, then continues to carve through a tree…and light-blue paint starts to pour from the trunk area.

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Up to you Mother Nature: Trevor and Tayler Hager supplied an especially creative means of exposing the sex of the first youngster collectively

The video, which sees dad-to-be chopping down a tree which has had blue paint inside, has gone viral on the web

The two-minute movie starts with all the few saying they may be expecting ‘a small tyke’ and want to know whether they’re having a ‘lumberJack or a lumberJane’.

They evidently after that opt to allow surrounding woodlands break the news. Trevor says: ‘Why don’t we ask this tree to see.’

Sawdust fires out from the tree while he begins to fell it. After he’s achieved the trunk’s centre, a trickle of light blue starts to spurt from tree.

He goes on, the tree creaks and drops as well as the news-giving paint covers him, the tree and chainsaw.

Hold viewing! Trevor begins carving through tree. Sawdust spits away at him while he cuts through timber

Absolutely nothing to date: Trevor builds the anticipation if you take good whilst to access the center of this tree where the paint lies

The video clip comes to an end utilizing the happy soon-to-be parent saying: ‘nature has spoken’ before his partner reveals: ‘It’s a man!’

On YouTube, Trevor blogged: ‘take a look at this sex expose video clip for Trevor and Tayler Hager’s very first kid! (No trees were damaged in the making of the video clip, it absolutely was already dead).’