Axe to grind in a sentence Canada
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Axe to grind in a sentence Canada

  • 1A device used for cutting timber, typically of iron with a steel advantage and wooden handle.

    ‘we started swinging the axe within lumps of driftwood’

    as modifier ‘an axe blade’

  • ‘Sighing dreadfully, he moved out from the wood home and picked up his axe to start cutting just what he thought had been enough fire wood to continue for three days.’
  • ‘They maintained striking one man with an axe handle and it also was intolerable.’
  • ‘He threw up the axe handle and I chopped the timber nearly in 2.’
  • ‘i acquired struck within the mind using the axe handle and ended up in hospital.’
  • ‘The instance exploded into sharp silvers and he winced as he felt his hand caught on a shard of glass as he achieved for the wooden handle associated with the axe.’
  • ‘A number of resources are employed for woodcarving, that range from the axe, adze, saw, drill, and hammer, all utilized in the preliminary stages of roughing from timber.’
  • ‘Strong metal axes, with metal cutting edges, managed to make it much easier to fell large trees, whilst metal plough stocks were more effective in cultivating the grounds caused by woodland clearance.’
  • ‘Iron axes with metallic bits had been forged in most cases in American industrial facilities that manufactured all of them in dozen lots in a wide range of habits.’
  • ‘Steel axes replace rock axes, outboard engines exchange sails, modern medicine replaces witch doctoring, transistor radios and cellular phones are excitedly desired.’
  • ‘when you look at the hearth is a timber axe with the word ‘burning’ inscribed on handle.’
  • ‘Hand resources like axe together with adze have thousands of years of history.’
  • ‘Neither talked for a long time, both only sat enjoying the regular swish, cut, swish, chop, of this axe into the wood.’
  • ‘If an axe handle ended up being useful, that wouldn’t go astray, either.’
  • ‘in her own hands she presented an axe, the dense handle manufactured from reddish wood, plus the head a rusted gold, with a sharp, murderous knife.’
  • ‘After the overall game finished, he had been surprised to obtain the wooden handle of their axe had rotted.’
  • ‘Lucio had been no the best place to be observed, but Marie heard the noise of an axe chopping lumber outside, so she then followed the noise to the cool snap and round the region of the house.’
  • ‘The guy threatened to rob Tina’s store saying he previously a knife, but fled empty-handed after she whacked him with an axe handle.’
  • ‘He said he was beaten with an axe handle or cane, deprived of rest, and hit on the bottoms of his feet until these were covered in sores.’
  • ‘John liked the outdoors, gardening, feeding crazy turkeys, their dog, sawing and chopping lumber along with his axe and swede saw.’
  • ‘There had been only two components to an axe or hatchet, the axe head in addition to handle.’
  1. 1.1 A measure intended to reduce costs significantly, especially one involving redundancies.

    ‘thirty staff are facing the axe in the Royal Infirmary’

  2. ‘The Dukes is facing the axe within the Defence Secretary’s want to cut the range infantry battalions nationwide from 40-36.’
  3. ‘The issue is specifically intense in the North-eastern says, which account fully for approximately half of this ministers facing the axe.’
  4. ‘Parents and kids at Outwood Primary class, Heald Green, whom mounted an energetic campaign to truly save their particular school, will always be dealing with the axe.’
  5. ‘The revised amounts indicate five football pitches across Southampton that were facing the axe in a bid to save £58, 000 per year will now be saved.’
  6. ‘A meeting for the county council’s Education Policy Assessment Committee left three infant and three junior schools facing the axe.’
  7. ‘The Royal Scots plus the Black Check out are among various other popular regiments dealing with the axe, while at least one associated with the two Gurkha battalions is going to be wound-up.’
  8. ‘Clayton Heights post office is one of 17 Bradford branches dealing with the axe after postoffice Ltd announced major restructuring.’
  9. ‘The three frigates dealing with the axe, Marlborough, Norfolk and Grafton, would be taken out of service by March 2006.’
  10. ‘Residents and dealers from Bitterne Park staged the protest at Bitterne Park Triangle, where in actuality the post office is regarded as ten across the town dealing with the axe.’
  11. ‘High-ranking officers have accompanied forces with ex-soldiers in battle to steadfastly keep up the historic title of these regiment that will be facing the axe.’
  12. ‘Trafford General Hospital’s unit can be facing the axe.’
  13. ‘Another 50 jobs inside finance sector are also facing the axe, numerous at account level.’
  14. ‘The recommended closures come on top of six limbs in Rochdale and Royton which have shut since Summer just last year and an additional seven limbs in Heywood and Middleton that are dealing with the axe.’
  15. ‘Long-running soap Brookside was yesterday evening facing the axe after Channel 4 revealed it had been going it from peak-time evening slot.’
  16. ‘Cooks at York old peoples’ domiciles tend to be facing the axe under a proposal buying meals-on-wheels from York District Hospital for residents.’
  17. ‘The end is near for several four Basingstoke post offices dealing with the axe, with two set-to close recently and another following within a fortnight.’
  18. ‘Post offices in Pewsham, near Chippenham, and Frampton Cotterell and Hambrook in Gloucestershire would be the other limbs in the region dealing with the axe the following month.’
  19. ‘Nineteen youngsters’ playgrounds are facing the axe into the newest round of Lancaster City Council cost-cuts.’
  20. ‘Residents and users of Croydon’s libraries inundated the Guardian newsroom with letters of protest after reading that they could be facing the axe.’
  21. ‘Kilmacthomas Courthouse is one of three courthouses in Co. Waterford facing the axe.’