Lumberjacks Brighton
Image by Дмитрий Буханцов from Pixabay

Lumberjacks Brighton


Lumberjacks – Guilt Complimentary Fastfood

Day/Time Requested:

Saturday sixteenth January, 18:03

Purchase Process:


Distribution Time:

37 mins – quoted 45 mins

The Order:

  • BBQ slim chicken box
  • Chicken & bacon place with Peri hot sauce
  • Sweet potato potato chips with LJs secret dust
  • Lick strawberry & elderflower frozen yoghurt



Exactly How Much?

£20.92 inc. delivery (minimum order £12.00 100% free delivery)

Takeaway Boy Rating:

I’ven’t actually began the new year with a really nutritious diet and I’m wishing all the workout I’m doing will make up. But today I became feeling that i ought to maybe take to somewhat more difficult. Nevertheless it had been Saturday, we’d simply already been for a run and of course I’d have actually a few beers later on, therefore I needed one thing hearty to fill myself up.

The compromise arrived through the Lumberjacks tagline, ‘Guilt Totally Free Fast Food’. A sucker for an excellent little marketing if it helps myself justify a determination, in conjunction with several guidelines from buddies, ended up being all of the persuading I required.

First thing we liked when visiting the web site ended up being the simpleness associated with the selection. Numerous places provide so many different choices that it becomes confusing and more difficult to create a decision. LJ’s really features 3 core parts – chicken in a box, wings, burgers or wraps and a number of edges.

My preliminary response ended up being that individuals hadn’t ordered sufficient. Another couple of sides appeared like it would be necessary to fill united states up and add a bit of variety to your dinner and as the chicken seemed amazing, only a box of it alone would-be quite bland.

We began aided by the wrap, half each. The Peri hot sauce had a pleasant slight kick and there was clearly the perfect amount the flavour associated with chicken, bacon and salad weren’t over-powered. The place had been smooth and fresh and within minutes, there was clearly no trace of it ever before current.


Without really pausing for air we relocated on the BBQ slim chicken field and sweet potato chips. Just like the wrap, the chicken ended up being really tender and a top quality. The BBQ sauce had been ok, not ideal I’ve ever endured, but good enough, though instead runny. Only eating it on its own really was employed by myself though and I pulled down some flour tortillas and raw spinach and made personal wrap. Along side it salad or rice from the selection would have worked well also and already been a more healthful option.

The sweet-potato chips had intrigued me personally, not because they had been a unique experience – I’ve had and even prepared them myself many times, but because of the secret dust they came with. The magic it appeared however, had been a disappearing spell, as no extra distinguishable flavor might be identified.

The Verdict

I’m not completely sure what my opinion is of Lumberjacks. As a person who attempts to utilize independents over chains, this is actually far superior to Nandos. The grade of the chicken is large and whilst there was nothing to very fault, I feel like I missed some thing. It absolutely was slightly like New Year’s Eve, you obtain all excited with anticipation and whilst it often always good, it’s never ever quite everything you expected.

I also can’t quite justify the ‘Guilt Free’ label. Indeed, the chicken had been without epidermis and barbequed on a cast iron barbeque grill, that will help. The sauce was also thin, possibly recommending a number of the more calorie-laden components had been omitted and frozen yoghurt is by far an even more healthier option to ice-cream. But I wasn’t experiencing extremely guilt free. Guilt no-cost in accordance with various other chicken choices particularly KFC could very well be the position they’ve been taking. A search of this web site managed to get no better and items weren’t marked with healthy icons or fat matters to help me.

It had been truly enjoyable and the high quality got it the larger rating I provided it, but at only timid of £21 it was very pricey. I’ll probably try it once again, but whilst lazing on coastline with friends and some cold beers and maybe the full buzz I had expected will undoubtedly be fulfilled.