Lumberjack mask
Image by Thomas B. from Pixabay

Lumberjack mask

Andrew Garfield gladly signed onto have Mel Gibson direct him in the gritty World War II movie, Hacksaw Ridge, but nothing could prepare the young actor for a Halloween night using Oscar winner.

On Wednesday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Garfield disclosed that Gibson is a master at stepping into character both on / off display screen.

Last Halloween, during a break from shooting Hacksaw Ridge in Australian Continent, co-star Vince Vaughn purchased absurd masks when it comes to three men so they could have per night out on the town while continuing to be relatively unknown, but Gibson took things a step further.

“Mel turns up so we enter the car with him and then he gets out this mask. It’s like a Mission: Impossible mask, ” Garfield recalls. “it is the most step-by-step. Imagine your face but on Mel Gibson’s face. And then he can chat on it and it’s like flushed to their face. The mask style of looks like a lumberjack from Oregon or something like that.”

The mask ended up being evidently practical adequate that individuals believe that it is Gibson’s face.

“It’s so great that we would-be at a bar or whatever, and he will be speaking with some body with the mask on, and this individual thinks they truly are talking to a lumberjack from Oregon, ” Garfield said.

Relating to Garfield, Gibson had strangers deceived so profoundly he would snatch the mask off when their particular backs had been turned as well as could be startled when they switched around to see Gibson’s face on your body of which they thought was a lumberjack from Oregon.

In reality, the mask also tossed down a few Gibson’s good friends, which once ended in painful results.

“however prank his pals with-it, ” Garfield stated. “however have his buddies over and there clearly was once he previously this male friend over and they had been taking a look at their book rack … he sorts of disappears and comes back aided by the mask on. Then he came in within sorts of harmful way along with his buddy, that is this big, built guy, punches him within the face tough adequate to the idea to in which Mel was organized. Mel ended up being like laughing their butt off, and takes the mask off and then he’s like hemorrhaging all-around their face.”