Custom Woodworking Canada
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Custom Woodworking Canada

My main mission will be offer discriminating customers with good furniture and enhancing add-ons of unsurpassed high quality, and to do this with sincerity, stability and professionalism. Exceptional solution is my niche.

Among my additional targets is always to share my understanding with other people in order to embrace and luxuriate in this extremely fulfilling and creative art.

Work showcased in Canadian Residence Workshop mag
article named “Canada’s Top Woodworkers — Our nation’s brightest
and best workshop gurus”, Winter 2013 concern

Contributor to Fine Woodworking,
North America’s very first & most respected fine woodworking mag.
“America’s Leading Woodworking Authority”

Contributor to Furniture & Cabinetmaking, United Kingdom’s
respected good woodworking mag.

Adding Publisher to Canadian Residence Workshop,
Canada’s leading do-it-yourself mag.

Featured in Woodworker’s Journal Ezine as “Today’s Woodworker”

Guest Professional on Matt’s Basement Workshop woodworking podcast 2007-2010

Guest Expert on Ravinheart Renditions woodworking podcast

Contributing publisher to Atelier Maison mag, 2005-2006
le mag des vrais bricoleurs.

Adding Editor to Canadian Woodworking, 2001-2007
Canada’s only national magazine devoted solely to woodworking.

Ontario national consultant/adviser to establish a new
correctional services woodworking program 2006-2013.

Juror for “Made of Wood Show” 2013

Work featured in Juried “Made of Wood Show” 2009

Nominated for Canada’s National Magazine Awards 2005

Nominated as “Canada’s Woodworker of the season” 2004

· Good Furniture and Enhancing Accessories

Hendrik Varju, owner of Passion for Wood, is a specialist fashion designer and customized builder of good furniture. From his nation workshop, based in Erin, Ontario, Canada, all of his tasks are done on a custom purchase foundation, using the client getting straight mixed up in design process. Naturally, Hendrik has a portfolio of previous tasks where customers can decide and work out changes as desired. Their design is to use subtle designs to create from natural beauty of wood. Only using the greatest quality materials, both wooden and veneers (as proper), he uses time-tested joinery techniques including mortise-and-tenon joints and hand-cut dovetails. Even where less complicated joinery techniques are required because of budgetary limitations, he ensures that all joints are strong and that every piece becomes an heirloom high quality piece.

Although Hendrik has actually his very own private design, he is maybe not afraid to tackle new jobs of another design – after all, he could be a customized furnishings builder. He single-handedly takes your client through the whole design procedure, from initial brainstorming for tips, to style work and drafting of plans, to planning of joinery techniques, and finally toward real building, completing and delivery stages. In fact, he prides himself on quality of their work, both from an aesthetic perspective plus terms of structural integrity. He could be well-versed in timber research and technology and takes wood action into consideration throughout styles. Hendrik will even develop reproductions of well-known designs, one of is own favourites becoming Arts-and-Crafts or Stickley design work.

Almost all of Hendrik’s work makes use of hardwoods, although softwoods tend to be truly a choice. A few of the wood types he most frequently utilizes tend to be: black cherry, black walnut, purple oak, quarter-sawn red oak and purple maple. However, he’s ready to accept dealing with any commercially offered species and contains additionally done work utilizing Honduran mahogany, European ash, Spanish cedar, western red cedar, aromatic cedar, clear eastern white-pine, European beech and purpleheart. Although timber is actually their product of preference, he has successfully utilized various other products in the designs as a complement to wood, eg cast iron, wrought iron, stainless and glass. He’s happy to work with collaboration with other artisans if the client want to design an item that includes other products.
– see Hendrik’s portfolio

· Furniture Repairs and Antique Restoration

Besides creating and creating brand new furniture, Hendrik has brought on many restoration and repair tasks, bringing new life to worn-out collectibles. All finish stripping is done by hand, avoiding the dilemma of failed glue joints and lifted veneers many times due to commercial stripping practices. Furthermore, Hendrik’s “overfinishing” technique (known as true restorative finishing) could achieve remarkable results without stripping the old finish off anyway. Usually, old finishes could be revitalized and restored without stripping, provided the top beneath the finish is within great restoration. He constantly strives to provide the piece a refreshed look without dropping the old traits which can make old furniture so desirable.