Vintage Woodworks Canada
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Vintage Woodworks Canada

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Vintage Woodworks was started in 1980 by Jim Stiven, a new guy with a desire for millwork therefore the conservation of historical architecture. Since the company grew so did the need to for competent journeymen. Ken Coley-Donohue joined up with Vintage Woodworks in 1990 now, as Jim’s companion he brings exceptional joinery and woodworking abilities combined with their understanding of modern tools and company resourcefulness.

Vintage Woodworks has exploded throughout the years to be certainly one of British Columbia’s biggest customized history renovation businesses. We make use of the same woodworking joinery practices found in little cities over 150 years back. The era spanning 1870 to 1940 the most architecturally significant in British Columbia and Canada encompassing three recognizable periods of millwork distinguished by astoundingly stunning and elaborate professional timber artistry. To recreate and restore this elaborate beauty and craftsmanship, Vintage Woodworks compiles and interprets styles from historic trade catalogs, period trade journals and archived architectural drawings to produce an accurate repair of millwork with this period.

Every little thing at Vintage Woodworks is made of solid wood, handcrafted millwork with focus on information and high quality unsurpassed on the go. Vintage Woodworks produces typically accurate doorways, windows, storefronts, facades, moldings along with other millwork. The business happens to be selected while the supplier for many historical restoration and renovation jobs. A majority of these structures tend to be placed in both the Provincial and National join of Historic Places in Canada.

At Vintage Woodworks we cannot try to transform history, we keep it. As our reputation for historical renovation develops, we simply take pride in our capacity to operate in partnership with people, businesses and communities to revive historical frameworks, encourage old-fashioned building methods, and affirm social values. Please take a moment and browse our website pages to see a number of the wonderful, existing as well as times top notch jobs that individuals have worked in through the many years.

~ The Folks at Vintage Woodworks