Lumberjack pipe
Photo by Leah Kelley from Pexels

Lumberjack pipe

The Lumberjack® cutters are available in different models for ideal cleansing effect. The cutters remove origins as well as other common obstructions in sanitary and violent storm sewer pipeline prior to the following design quantity.

It’s a low-torque, high-speed cutter created for use with the water pressures generated by many sewer jetting or combination trucks. Because it’s high-speed, the Lumberjack® is very great at cutting origins, nonetheless it’s also popular to cut cement, grease, calcium deposits, tuberculation, protruding laterals, and chemical buildups. And since it’s low-torque, this really is one sewer nozzle which unlikely getting caught, spin off the hose, or cut through number pipelines.

The bearings are sealed, grease-lubricated, and water-cooled. Meaning the Lumberjack® is almost maintenance-free so that you don’t must lubricate it after use. The water-cooled bearings hardly ever need to be replaced. Average Life covers varies from 7- 15 years dependant upon usage.

Lumberjack® cutters turn at a minimum rate of 10, 000 rpm up to 50, 000 rpm with movement rates from 10 to 250 gpm at different pressures. They operate in pipeline sizes from 3-inches (75 mm) to 48-inches (1, 200 mm). All models clean with barium filled sequence backlinks which can be slashed to dimensions, have recommended, removable cutting blades for severe obstructions. All designs incorporate propelling jet housing, and a lot of have tow bands.