Classic Woodworking Canada
Photo by Los Muertos Crew from Pexels

Classic Woodworking Canada

within globalization we bemoan the increasing loss of reference to nature. We rarely look for delight in the artifice of manmade items. Our desire is to enhance the intrinsic beauty of lumber We’re moved by its uneven grain, its knots, and dimensions. This admiration pushes our aspire to offer just the most useful & most beautiful timber floors.

Which We Are

A household business, our origins are three years deep in the flooring industry. We originate from Canada where significantly more than 50per cent of this country is covered by forests. That’s a large palette and plenty of motivation.

Fuse Flooring was launched in 1994 and we’ve been getting more important experience ever since. This experience is evidenced inside our thoughtfully designed Flyt and Enjoy choices and our very carefully curated offerings, selected from the finest wood floors choices offered worldwide. We now have German floors with regards to their uncompromising quality, Italian hand-finished floors that are a direct result centuries of tradition in woodworking, and Spanish flooring that accept some time age as a design element.

What We Do

As curators of lumber floors, our objective is create a comprehensive number of lumber floors to offer for you. Using the technical understanding firmly under our belts, we could concentrate on providing a wood collection that covers all varieties of design, from classic to contemporary and also future trends. Seeking out brand-new flooring is our hobby.