4x4 log trucks Canada BC
Photo by Magda Ehlers from Pexels

4×4 log trucks Canada BC



Do not let thoughtless folks ruin your stop by at the wilderness. Observe, record and report any unlawful dumping activities to:

  • RCMP: 604-792-4611

Normal site Violation Reporting All-natural Reporting a Natural Resource Violation: We all play a roll in protecting our normal sources. In the event that you experience or understand a normal resource breach, kindly submit a normal site Violation Report Form or phone the All-natural Resource Violation Reporting

Please note that All-natural site Violation stating range just isn’t a crisis response number. If you wish to report an immediate menace to public protection or a life threatening circumstance needing Police, Fire or Ambulance, please call 911. If 911 isn’t obtainable in your neighborhood, phone the neighborhood Police, Fire or Ambulance services.

To report a violation linked to environmental defense (e.g. poluution), fishing (except salmon relevant violations), hunting or issue wildlife, visit the Conservation Officer or cell #7277.

Violations linked to marine environments or sea fisheries is

Besides roadways utilized by the Ministry’s Timber product sales Program, the Ministry, will no longer keep woodland provider Roads (FSRs) with and, with couple of exclusions, will no longer maintain Forest Service roads for automobile access in which there is no commercial usage.

  • The Ministry of Forests, Lands and All-natural Resource Operations will continue to preserve until additional notice (where there clearly was an industrial individual, maintenance may be provided).
  • Although administration for woodland relaxation is currently in jurisdiction regarding the Recreation Sites and Trails BC, the Ministry of woodlands, Lands and All-natural Resources will, subject to offered capital, maintain minimal use of established entertainment web sites and tracks.
  • Where duty for Forest provider road upkeep isn’t transported or funded on a user-pay foundation, those roads is going to be maintained to your standard, or deactivated.
  • Roads are temporarily closed in which it would be difficult to allow for a fair amount of user security (because of the risk of landslides or bridge load restrictions).
  • Roadways could be permanently deactivated in which:
    • it becomes obvious that essential fix work on a closed roadway can’t be done;
    • the road is located at the back end of a drainage (with little or no existing usage no possibility development of access); or
    • the price of maintenance outweighs the cost of deactivation.

    Policy Meanings:

    Industrial utilize woodland provider Roads are roads which are owned and run by the ministry, but maintenance is delegated to a commercial user.

    are roads which access an all year residential location along with its very own postoffice, or either a school located within it or college coach route to or from it. Inhabited reserves come within definition. They just do not consist of roadways that offer use of seasonal cabins, isolated residences, commercial businesses, areas, or entertainment sites.

    Community utilize woodland Service path upkeep requirements include user protection maintenance activities such roadway surface upkeep and picture line brushing as well those activities required for the security of this environment. Consumer security upkeep tasks would be commensurate utilizing the kinds of vehicles and pattern of use.

    tend to be roads that are not understood to be general public or manufacturing use and in which the duty for upkeep is certainly not transported or funded on a user-pay foundation. Provision of access just isn’t a ministry concern on backwoods roadways.

    Wild FSRs upkeep requirements consist of those tasks necessary for the protection of environment, activities never consist of surface maintenance or site range cleaning. As such, just bridge fix and those upkeep projects needed to mitigate ecological issues, like size wasting or washouts, which could influence domestic or worker safety, improvements, or normal resources, would be done. Wilderness roadway upkeep activities should include culvert and bridge elimination, waterbars, limited or full pullback of side mountains and get across ditches. Washouts or road slumps may not be repaired.


Source: www.for.gov.bc.ca