Timberworks Lumberjack Show
Photo by Ron Lach from Pexels

Timberworks Lumberjack Show

Dave Weatherhead

– Dave moved from Nova Scotia Canada to Wisconsin to operate for a summertime as a lumberjack over twenty years ago. Dave loved the smell for the sawdust and the noise associated with the cheering audience so much that he never seemed straight back. Dave entered the competitive circuit and became an Iron Jack World Champion right away. After several years of discovering the tips and investments of recreation as well as the company Dave became the happy owner and operator of Timberworks Lumberjack Shows. With over 25 many years experience with the company Dave is a jack of investments acting as owner, vehicle motorist, emcee and competition. Inside the leisure time could catch Dave making some of the finest Chainsaw carvings you’ll find. Come view a show and stick around to see just what Dave will be Carving with his STIHL Chainsaw next!

Sue Hadley – aka Susie-Lou

– meet with the lady which holds it-all together at Timberworks Lumberjack Shows, Susie Lou. General supervisor, emcee extraordinaire, master of bear sanding and burning, queen issue solver, and travel representative like nothing you’ve ever satisfied are just some of the brands she holds at Timberworks. While developing up into the suburbs of Chicago, Susie invested her summers removed from college in Hayward, WI and rapidly became entranced with every little thing Timbersports. It didn’t take very long for Susie to appreciate that entertaining other people and running a business had been just what she was destined to accomplish. Susie quickly traded inside her pumps for some work boots and headed North to Hayward. Although she’s lots on her behalf dish you’ll never get a hold of Susie-Lou without a grin on her behalf face, many sawdust on the arms. Fun reality about Susie Lou- while she claims that she actually is actually an expert competitor she’s already been recognized to toss several bulls eyes when you look at the axe throw. Come watch Susie this summer and possibly you’ll receive to see the girl show off those axe throwing skills she actually is been hiding from united states for way too long.

Samantha Hadley

– we wish that fulfill lumberjill Samantha Hadley, a Hayward, Wisconsin native. Sam initially stepped on a log within age of five, and has nown’t gotten down since. The woman competitive nature and work features paid as she’s presently rated among the top ten ladies professional wood rollers in the world. Sam claims “the things I love many towards sport could be the competition of it, there’s nothing else that can match it. Afterwards i might need say the best benefit of timbersports is the folks, they are pretty incredible. It’s like having a moment household, and every weekend you go to a competition is similar to a giant family reunion.” Fun fact about Sam-she likes to try new stuff as she tends to make the woman method throughout the says annually. So far her number includes lassoing, STIHL leaf blower events, elephant and camel straight back operating, bull biking, zip liner, stunt tv show appearance, also keep in mind the woman cow milking competition days (among others). Come view Sam contend come july 1st and keep an eye on her following the show as you can’t say for sure what challenge she’ll be dealing with after that.

Adam LaSalle

– Adam got his start in Timbersports at Paul Smith’s university in upstate New York near his home town. After a few years in the Navy Adam returned to the states to help expand their training during the University of Wisconsin Steven’s aim where he began a Timbersports staff and continued to win the 2009 Stihl Timbersports Series Collegiate Title. Adam as subsequently moved up through the pro ranks and it is presently rated as one of the top 20 U.S. rivals. Adam’s preferred event is the single money, and you also just watch him saw once to know why. Fun reality about Adam, he moves over 15, 000 miles annually cutting wood in tournaments through the East Coast to the West Coast. Come watch Adam contend this summer and stay following the tv show to hear some stories about his gypsy lumberjack moves.

Sam Fenton

– Meet Sam Fenton, a lumberjack regarding Waupaca, Wisconsin. Chopping lumber and log rolling works in Sam’s bloodstream. Sam spent my youth checking out Lumberjack Bowl in which he saw numerous family members compete and win world titles. Sam is on their option to after within their footsteps with his most recent successes including winning the Novice Underhand Chop and Novice Single Buck Races on 2013 Lumberjack World Championships. Sam has ever since then moved up to the pro ranks in both occasions where he is today competing aided by the best of the best. Fun fact about Sam- he won his third level spelling bee. Come cheer Sam on this summertime and stay after the program to see if he is nevertheless the spelling champ that he was previously.

Nick Hastedt

– We provide you our all-time favorite photographs featuring our all-time favorite lumberjacks. State hello to Nick Hastedt, a lumberjack who was born in suburbs of Chicago and relocated to Hayward, Wisconsin at an early age. Developing up in Hayward suggested beginning log-rolling camp at the age five. While Nick is really competent in all associated with the various lumberjack disciplines, he states that log-rolling is still his favorite event. He states what he likes most about Timbersports is “how fast paced and reactive you have to be for every event.” Come view Nick “Yo-Ho” around this summer and stick around after the tv show to chat activities. It is possible to make the guy out of Chicago, however can not take Chicago from the child. Nick really loves all Chicago activities and will gladly talk all night about their beloved Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks, and Cubs.

Sarah Hadley

– We are excited to introduce you to one of our even more spunky team members, lumberjill Sarah Hadley. Sarah got her come from Timbersports with log-rolling within ready age five. Once you mature in Hayward, Wisconsin and both of your older siblings log-roll that you don’t obviously have just about any choice. Don’t allow Sarah’s small size trick you because she can pull a cross cut saw and put an axe aided by the most readily useful of those. Sarah focuses on log-rolling and growth operating, which she competes professionally through the entire Midwest each summer time. Sarah states the girl preferred component about Timbersports is the fact that “it’s dolphinately an uncommon sport that i really love despite the problems, ” Fun fact no. 1 about Sarah- she is online dating a-two time world champion boom runner and says she is looking to master that occasion with coaching from him this summer. Fun fact number 2 about Sarah-she is an authorized cosmetologist and esthetician. Come cheer Sarah on this summer time and be sure to stay around after the tv show for many beauty guidelines.

Charlie Fenton

– Charlie Fenton is a Waupaca, Wisconsin native who was raised going to the infamous Lumberjack Bowl during his summer breaks. With a long genealogy and family history in Timbersports Charlie could not resist the urge to see if he’d the required steps is a competitive lumberjack. Charlie is currently a yearly competition within Lumberjack World Championships in both the increase run while the 60 base rate climb and is currently a three time World Champion Boom Runner. When Fenton isn’t chopping wood or emceeing a show there are him snowboarding and enjoying the great outdoors.



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