Canadian Logger Sports Association
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Canadian Logger Sports Association

Ernie Alexander

Ernie Alexander was a colorful character just who lived from the west coast of British Columbia, and worked inside forest industry for over 50 many years. Their nickname ended up being “FEET” discussing his remarkably big feet. He was acknowledged internationally for their abilities both as a top rigger and a bull rider, a feat perhaps not surpassed by virtually any rival to this day. In reality, during seven days in the summer of 1950, he won society tournament tree climbing in Albany, Oregon and a bull riding championship in main Oregon. Ernie was also a well-respected stock car driver (perhaps tree-climbing and bull riding failed to completely satisfy Ernie’s significance of adrenaline).

Ernie had been prominent in Logger Sports circuit on Vancouver Island, in which he helped arrange several competitions on northern part of Vancouver Island. He had been always keen to aid aspiring climbers, showing all of them his particular strategy. Their preferred event was the 2 guy climb, a favorite occasion in 1970’s. Ernie in addition attempted his hand during the “tree act”. Their act in addition included one of is own daughters up the tree with him. Ernie had been the whole world Champion within the tree climb up for 4 years, and also won society tournament when you look at the eye splicing many times.
Ernie passed on in Campbell River, BC in 2001 at 77 years. I’d the enjoyment of conference Ernie once I had been a Physical specialist in Campbell River. I felt like I became within the presence of a famous star – he also gave me an autographed photo (presented below). He can be remembered for his fearless attitude, great ability and gentlemanly approach. Submitted by Brenda Boyko.

Jube Wickheim

Jube Wickheim has already established many outstanding efforts to logger recreations in addition to Canadian logging recreations connection. He had been a founding member of Can-Log and has now served on the executive committee consistently. He has the distinction of being the absolute most successful log roller in Canadian history.

Jube and his older brother Ardiel started log-rolling when you look at the 1950’s on Vancouver Island. Soon they certainly were traveling across North America into biggest programs of that day. Jube is featured within the Guinness World Book of reports as he won the whole world Championship Log Rolling Competition 10 times (even today, hardly any other log roller has actually surpassed this feat). In addition during his respected log-rolling career, he additionally won the US available tournament, Canadian Championship and Vancouver Island tournament many times.

Also, Jube normally showcased inside Guiness Book of World Records the longest log rolling match in a competition. In 1956, he had been moving against Russ Harris, a US Marine from Kelso, WA, for first place at the Albany Timber Carnival. Russ proved to be an extremely tenacious component, due to the fact two males went from 1 hour time restricts regarding the 18 and 14 inches logs. After rolling for more than couple of hours on a 13 inch sign, the very first fall in the match took place. Russ sooner or later won the match 3 drops to 2.

The Wickheim brothers had been really in demand; shortly they started a log-rolling event act, and travelled to many nations. This blossomed in to the development regarding the “Wickheim Timber Shows”. Multiple competitors from Canada and USA had the privilege of working with this elite group that exemplified the professionalism and atheticism of sport. Audiences throughout the world were entertained with all the red and green teams of lumberjacks while they demonstrated popular logging sport activities including sawing, chopping, log-rolling and tree-climbing. The following is an excerpt from a poem compiled by Bob Waibel, from nice Residence, Oregon. He shares his wonderful memory about being part of the Wickheim Timber Shows (showcased in 1979 at water World in San Deigo, Ca).

Meet the guys which produced their own sport and folklore,
witness their skill in dangerous events as if you’ve never seen before.
From tbe big cedar country, hemlocks and tall firs,
a land of timbered hills, where just wildlife stirs.
From Wickheim Timber Shows, eight males come marching away,
fulfill a group of modern-day Paul Bunyans, great males beyond doubt.
Four loggers to a side, march around the tv show surface to do activities such as this,
the horizontal block cut, chips fly into floor.
A logroller gives a demo throughout the pond,
two double-bladed axes strike the target with a thudding sound.
Two two fold buckers against a string saw battle……………

Jube worked difficult throughout their job in Logging Sports to offer his expertise to Can-Log as well as other executive committies. Jube has since retired from recreation, and life together with his spouse Mavis on Vancouver Island. A genuine “gentleman”, Jube’s positive attitude and standard of professionalism features helped develop our recreation into what its these days. Can-Log is really indebted to Jube, and wants to honour his contibution by simply making him our first “Hall of Famer”. Thanks A Lot Jube!

Very long live the RED and also the GREEN! Featured may be the Wickheim Timber Shows team within Calgary Stampede in 1977 (Back line, from kept to correct: Ron Hartill, Alan Boyko, Les Stewart, Jube Wickheim, Dale Hartill, Eric Holmquist, Terry Patrick, Fred Wickheim. Front Row: Wade Stewart).

Presented by Alan Boyko, Port Alberni, BC

Jean Boyko

Jean was introduced to loggers recreations following the woman husband toward numerous programs which they attended. In this she found that she could do as effective as one other feminine participants. Certainly one of her particular possessions were within the hand sawing occasions.She was sought after by many people male competitors needing a qualified partner into the jack and jill events.She features sawn with top rivals at the many demonstrates that they went to. At once she ended up being regarding the winning team that won the Jill and Jill sawing occasion in Squamish for eight years in a row.

Axe throwing became the woman most readily useful occasion for a long time. She changed axe heads and manages until she got the best combination. Winning the ladies globe tournament 5 times, several Canadian championships and runner up countless other times.