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Oversized Lumberjack Shirts

If a permanent does a result before it is sacrificed (ie a land tapped for mana or a creature tapped for a particular ability), does this effect is canceled by the sacrifice?

No. Sacrifice doesn’t love hawaii of a permanent being sacrificed. Sacrifice cannot terminate such a thing, it can only go a permanent you control from the battleground to its owner’s graveyard.

Land being tapped for mana is a mana capability, as is Orcish Lumberjack’s triggered ability. These mana abilities don’t carry on the bunch, and fix straight away so it can’t be countered or terminated by any means (with one exception noted below).

605.1a a triggered capability is a mana ability if it fulfills three criteria: it doesn’t have a target, it may place mana into a player’s mana pool with regards to resolves, and it’s maybe not a loyalty ability. (See guideline 606, “Loyalty Abilities.”)

605.3b a triggered mana capability does not go on the stack, so that it can’t be focused, countered, or elsewhere responded to. Rather, it resolves right after it really is activated. (See rule 405.6c.)

a creature tapped (or any other cost) for an activated ability that is not a mana ability, gets positioned on the pile. It may be responded to (countered, replaced, etc.), however the ability exist independently of its source (the creature). Sacrificing the animal that produced the activated ability has no effect on the ability.

112.7a Once triggered or triggered, an ability is out there regarding the bunch individually of its resource. Destruction or removal of the foundation after that timing won’t affect the ability. Note that some abilities result a source to do some thing (for instance, “Prodigal Pyromancer deals 1 damage to target creature or player”) rather than the ability doing anything straight. In such cases, any triggered or caused capability that sources details about the foundation because impact has to be split inspections that information once the ability is put onto the stack. Otherwise, it will probably be sure information with regards to resolves. In both instances, if supply is not any much longer in the zone it’s expected to maintain during those times, its last known info is made use of. The origin can certainly still perform the action though it no further is present.

In the end, is a sacrifice comparable to bury or destroy, or does give up have special side effects regarding the sacrificed permanent and its particular effects?

Neither. Sacrifice is obviously totally different from destroy, since you cannot sacrifice a permanent that you don’t manage, you could destroy permanents you do not get a grip on. You can replace destruction with regeneration, you cannot change give up with regeneration. Bury is a classic term that’s at this time outdated, plus some yet not all cards have obtained errata so that they now state “lose [a permanent]”. This is simply not an equivalence commitment, because not all “bury” cards are “compromise” cards. Various other cards have received errata so that they today say “destroy [a permanent], it can not be regenerated.”

701.14a To compromise a permanent, its controller moves it from battleground straight to its owner’s graveyard. A player can’t give up a thing that isn’t a permanent, or something like that that’s a permanent she or he doesn’t get a grip on. Losing a permanent does not destroy it, so regeneration or any other impacts that exchange destruction can’t impact this step.

701.6a To destroy a permanent, move it from the battlefield to its owner’s graveyard.

701.6b Truly the only methods a permanent can be damaged are due to an impact that uses your message “destroy” or as a consequence of the state-based activities that search for deadly harm (see guideline 704.5g) or harm from a resource with deathtouch (see guideline 704.5h). If a permanent is put in its owner’s graveyard regarding other explanation, it offersn’t been “destroyed.”

701.6c A regeneration impact replaces a destruction event. See guideline 701.12, “Regenerate.”

Bury (Obsolete) – a phrase that required “put [a permanent] into its owner’s graveyard.” Generally speaking, cards which were printed because of the term “bury” have received errata when you look at the Oracle card mention of read, “Destroy [a permanent]. It can’t be regenerated, ” or “Sacrifice [a permanent].”

(Note: The only way to terminate a mana capability is because of a player making an unlawful activity (in other words. Casting a spell, but recognizing which they lack the mana (or any other extra expenses) essential to purchase the enchantment. Inside circumstance, the video game is copied to a previous state just before the unlawful action. Mana abilities familiar with buy the spell are reversed.)


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