Lumberjacks tools
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Lumberjacks tools

If your just tool is a hammer, you can easily treat society as a nail. In the same way, if a lumberjack was limited by only an individual axe, he may get a hold of his arms slightly tied up. At the very least, having only 1 axe allows him to participate in mere 1 / 2 of the STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® lumberjack occasions. In both the competitive arena, and also the working forests, a diverse number of dependable lumberjack resources is really what keeps the potato chips flying.

In a typical day of competition, a lumberjack will need various equipment and tools, such as for example razor-sharp rushing axes suitable for the timber species of the afternoon, a pair of springboards, a six-foot long solitary dollar saw filed for white-pine, a STIHL MS 661 stock chainsaw, and an available altered hot saw (which can be fundamentally a 250cc to 350cc soil bike engine with a bar and sequence strapped towards the crank shaft). Including safety to the combine suggests a lumberjack also have chainmail clothes, flat-soled shoes, chainsaw chaps, and attention and ear protection of the option. When he is doing work in the woods, the lumberjack holds a lighter quiver. A razor razor-sharp racing axe is replaced with an inferior axe to drive wedges or trim branches. There’s nevertheless a STIHL chainsaw by their part, but no race-only hot saw. Great boots, chaps, eye protection, ear plugs and a helmet round from system and also make sure our hard-working logger comes home safe.

While the specific gear a lumberjack might put into their particular gearbox will change, the following is a summary of common lumberjack tools:

  • Stock Chainsaws
  • Hot Saws (Custom Racing Chainsaws)
  • Crosscut Lumberjack Saws