Lumberjacks Restaurant North Tonawanda
Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

Lumberjacks Restaurant North Tonawanda

1000 River Rd
North Tonawanda, NY 14120

(716) 693-4349

There’s a large element of myself that doesn’t want to write this analysis because I don’t desire other individuals to know about this restaurant. I truly only want to ensure that it stays to myself but I guess that isn’t reasonable to other individuals so I’ll play great. Since I’m sharing, please promise to let me sit with you on the patio if it starts to get crowded and busy! Promise? Okay, continue reading. I adored every little thing about Lumberjacks Patio and Grill from the moment I pulled in before moment We left. But first, i’d like to clarify how I discovered this location. My buddy and I also were looking for somewhere along the water with a nice view to savor dinner. I decided to go to the Yelp software, clicked on a map of a random restaurant over the liquid in WNY, and scrolled across the map until this destination turned up. I felt like I strike the jackpot once I saw what size the patio was in various other Yelp reviews. Big patio = likeliness of sitting on it during dinner on a Friday evening. I taken in and saw just how adorable this location had been. You drive over the paths regarding the parking area which lead you nearly up to the water and alongside of it. You can go along either side going in and you should find counter service once you enter. You will find the fundamentals in the selection board for fried and grilled foods. Allow me to be clear, this is simply not a fancy, artisanal restaurant therefore don’t anticipate anything unique. What they do provide tend to be REGIONAL preferences like Anderson’s ice-cream, Wardynski’s hot puppies, Costanzo’s moves, and Mineo and Sapio sausage. They also get regional produce whenever available! I bought the ten dollars Combo which include a hamburger (i obtained a cheeseburger), fries, and bottomless soda. You have the alternative of curly q fries or sweet-potato fries. Also, loganberry and fresh brewed sugarless beverage come within the bottomless beverages. I find the curly q fries and turned between loganberry and also the tea. I was thinking my meal had been a, solid, fresh, no-frills meal. The view is amazing. You may not wish leave. We didn’t! My pal and I sat along the liquid and chatted for some time and then finished up going to a shady area. Later on we noticed the sunset and relocated to an alternative chair. Three tables and 2 hours later on, we ended up getting frozen dessert! We liked how great of a hangout spot it was. Their workers ended up being type, polite, and funny! The waitresses were joking due to their regulars plus the girl scooping our frozen dessert chatted about the scene and gave my buddy a taste regarding the cinnamon ice cream. Alcohol and wine are available and. The next occasion we’ll most likely do beverages besides and grab our boyfriends is our DDs! I can’t wait to go back. Like now. Or this evening. Or tomorrow. Or everyday.

I favor this place. I enjoy it because usually it isn’t crowded, it has a very nice sized outdoor waterfront patio and the hamburgers are good. Lumberjacks has an extremely fundamental menu of hamburgers, hot puppies, sausage and seafood fry(Friday). They usually have a nice, basic choice of frozen dessert. The alcohol selection is small and not extremely creative but i am not too picky. Give me personally a Stella and I also’m advisable that you go.They have wine, but I didn’t research, again an extremely small choice. The inner is fundamental, yet precious. Outside there was a good number of tables regarding patio, several high tops, also some picnic tables for the stairs down some steps. The hamburgers will always be great. I eventually like hamburgers that are very charred, which seems to be standard here. Simply a great, scenic place to grab a burger and a beer and watch the sun’s rays set on the liquid.