Lumberjack UK
Image by LisaaMaarie from Pixabay

Lumberjack UK

British championships becoming held this present year at Woodfest:

  • Standing block on Saturday 29th July
  • Single Sawing on Saturday 29th July
  • 2 board Left/Right Tree on Sunday 30th July

Woodfest is fabled for our competitive axe racing, sawing and tree climbing activities. Taking place throughout the 2 times in another of the largest timber activities arenas in britain. We’ll have seeing axemen from all over the whole world taking part in competitive woodchopping, crosscut sawing, sawing, tree climb and chainsaw skills. This original extreme recreation lures the world’s top lumberjack professional athletes in competitions centered on historical logging techniques.

Athletes compete in a number of procedures considering standard logging abilities to determine the finest in specific disciplines and all sorts of circular lumberjack.

The disciplines feature:

  • Standing block cut
  • Underhand chop
  • Single buck
  • Double money
  • Stock saw
  • Jack and Jill
  • 2 and 3 board tree climb

And also for the first time inside nation a European staff battle championship.

One of several shows of this week-end inside arena is a particular competitors specialized in Jim Crawford which died during 2009- the Jim Crawford Memorial chop (the stomach Buster!!)

Jim ended up being a forestry contractor, devoted woodsman just who worked difficult to support all timbersport occasions in the nation and participated throughout the lumberjack procedures right-up to simply before he died age 77- Pole climbing, woodchopping, sawing and signing and ended up being greatly liked and respected by his peers.

The wood we use for chopping occasion is hybrid poplar this can be a fast developing timber which we source locally and which was found in abundance when it comes to match industry. The wood is harvested and hauled to site where we cut the timber to length and switch all of them on a big lathe to differing diameters the various disciplines.