Lumberjack Twill Shirts
Photo by Ali Kazal from Pexels

Lumberjack Twill Shirts

“In a period of commercial development and modernization in cities, logging remained a conventional company when the workers exhibited pride within their art, their particular physical power and maleness, and guarded their individualism. Their camps had been a bastion for the traditional workplace as they defied modern-day rationalized administration, and built a culture around masculinity.” Lumberjacks can be regularly portray energy, man’s prominence over nature, plus the proven fact that axes are quite cool. In fiction they have a tendency to-be badass, frequently to the point of Testosterone Poisoning. Either that, or even to offer paper towels. Because individuals will expect a lumberjack becoming manly, they truly are always males. They have a tendency to outfit like a stereotypical nineteenth century Paul Bunyan kind with a flannel top, rugged outdoorsman appearance, a Badass Beard, and enormous muscle tissue created from several years of moving an axe. The much rarer feminine lumberjack will be either a Butch Lesbian and Played for Laughs, or look the same as a standard woman wielding a giant axe, with her lumberjack heritage used to Handwave the woman insane Super energy.


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  • The Brawny Paper Towel business tries to link this trope into the energy of the product by making their mascot a huge lumberjack.

Anime & Manga

  • Andrew Graham of became a lumberjack after dropping their spouse in a major accident five years earlier in the day, blaming Space Pirate Argo Gulski for the reduction. His Gundam is basically a giant robot lumberjack besides.


Literary Works

  • The Jesus container by Barry B. Longyear, features a female lumberjack (just who is actually a fifteen-foot tall giantess).

Live-Action TV

  • : Joey spent time hosting a kids’ tv program and welcomed Jesse to join it. Jesse scoffed during the idea, thinking it below him, till he had been offered a job whoever manliness satisfied him: “Lumberjack Jess.”
  • enjoyed this for a time, with Francis along with his friend from army school thinking they would have the ability to elope to Alaska and become these fairly quickly.
  • Flirted with and then subverted into the Lumberjack Sketch. The singer desires to be a lumberjack … and a Wholesome Crossdresser at exactly the same time. Their woman lampshades the discrepancy, sobbing completely, “Oh Bevis, and I also thought you’re so durable!”


  • “The Haircut tune” by Ray Stevens is approximately a number of haircuts Stevens has gotten from crazy barbers. Whenever he could be experiencing intimidated by a barber and is asked just what he does for a living, his immediate reaction is “I’m a logger!”:

    Today many people is threatened in a situation such as this…I became maybe not. I’m what I in the morning, play my piano, and sing my little songs. I seemed him in the attention and I said, i am a logger – simply up from Coos Bay, Oregon. Been toppin’ woods – oftentimes the most challenging guy inside world.

Oral Tradition

  • Paul Bunyan may be the Ur-Example, having originated from Canada in the early nineteenth century. There are numerous fables surrounding him, more popular of which is that the 10, 000 Lakes of Minnesota were created by him and his sidekick, Babe the Blue Ox, while they moved around in a blizzard. It really is well worth noting that most for the Paul Bunyan myth, including every little thing about Paul being a giant with a giant animal ox, was really the innovation of a 20th century copywriter which spun Paul Bunyan into a mascot for a logging organization.

Print Media

  • In an occasion Magazine article known as about research indicating that cutting timber increases testosterone much more than competetive activities, makes sources into the recognized manliness of lumberjacks, including displaying a photo of a lumberjack using the stereotypical flannel outfit.

Professional Wrestling

  • Entered with Wrestling Doesn’t spend: inside late 1980s into the AWA, John Nord and Scott “Flapjack” Norton were teamed whilst the Lumberjacks, filled with flannel t-shirts and axes.