Lumberjack squats
Image by 652234 from Pixabay

Lumberjack squats

Contrary to popular belief, the “lumberjack squat” actually what folks in logging industry mind to do behind a large poplar tree after having a hearty breakfast of bran flakes.

Rather, it is a helluva’ cool squatting action that does not compress the spine.

In addition, if you a newbie under your wing, there’s most likely no better method to instruct him appropriate squatting type. You simply can not perform some movement if you don’t maintain your chest puffed out and your lower back curved.

Just spot one business end of an Olympic club smack-dab in a corner of room (if you do not own the equipment shown in picture). Load up the alternative side with a plate or two, grasp the bar with both-hands, and hoist it to chin degree.

Today, squat away!

To make it more difficult, try the double contraction technique — this is where you squat down completely, bring yourself halfway up, squat right down once again, and then stand up entirely. Which is one representative.