Lumberjack Song cartoon
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Lumberjack Song cartoon

  • “Jackson 5ive” cartoon fictionally chronicled the brothers’ success
  • The show featured songs like “ABC, ” “i really want you straight back, ” “i will be There”
  • Animation director Bob Balser co-directed the Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine”
  • Balser attempted to inject “European taste” into a “Hollywood manufacturing”

Prepared jive, cool cats? Let us slide!

“Jackson 5ive” went within ABC’s Saturday early morning cartoon lineup from September 1971. a heavily fictionalized representation of this Jackson 5’s increase to fame and subsequent success, it had been co-produced by Rankin/Bass (of xmas special fame) and Motown Records.

A relic replete with bell-bottoms, link dyed t-shirts and reel-to-reel tape people, the series has-been circulated on DVD/Blu-ray by DreamWorks Classics.

Every episode showcased two music numbers by the cartoon alternatives of Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Michael Jackson. The songs – Jackson 5 staples like “ABC, ” “The Love You Save, ” and “i’m going to be There” – were woven in to the plotlines associated with program, which experienced a renaissance in 1984 with Michael Jackson’s increasing solo job. Even though the show did not feature the speaking sounds associated with Jacksons due to scheduling disputes, it had been them singing.

“Jackson 5ive” animation director Bob Balser had co-directed the Beatles’ “yellowish Submarine” film and created the reputation as a specialist in music movies.

Balser stated their primary share to “Jackson 5ive” ended up being his insistence that show maybe not integrate assault. He had been in addition adamant the program – one of the first cartoon representations of a black family members – be fair rather than turn to inexpensive gags and stereotyping.

“When I came in, ” explained Balser, “the show was indeed begun. I was not happy using strategy they were performing because … (this) would function as the first series directed at young people that was about a black team, and I also believed it was vital it be shown in an innovative method, they solved their particular problems with music with cleverness rather than with physical violence – which had started off because the method in the 1st episode.”

Balser, now 85, went to art college at UCLA. After graduation, he traveled to European countries for what had been supposed to be a six-month getaway. He finished up living and dealing truth be told there for 40 many years, investing a decade in London, where he done “yellowish Submarine” and “Jackson 5ive, ” among other projects. He then ran a studio out-of Barcelona for three decades.

“there clearly was some impact from stuff we did in ‘Yellow Submarine’ regarding interpreting songs in an innovative, graphic means, ” said Balser. “it had been a Hollywood manufacturing done in London, and I also earned the maximum amount of of a European taste when I could.”

Balser commissioned studios throughout Europe to get results in the two songs featured in each episode.

“i obtained best performers I could get and gave them full freedom, ” explained Balser. “we said, for example, ‘this can be a circus theme, so that the illustrations must reflect that theme.’ Other than that, they were completely free to do it nevertheless they wished. We came up with some fun material, that was really one of the best parts and that ended up being probably the things that made the ‘Jackson 5ive’ series therefore preferred in terms of the reception that it obtained.”

Many episodes showcased the Jacksons operating around inside their charmingly dilapidated jalopy – with animal mice Ray and Charles and green snake Rosie – attempting to please their manager, a cartoon version of Motown founder Berry Gordy. Gordy was never truly the Jackson 5’s supervisor, by itself, but in the cartoon world it worked, with him discovering a few ideas for promotion.

In one event, the Jackson brothers simply take a plane – due to their jalopy linked with the aircraft – to a concert much like Woodstock and are pitted against evil lumberjacks likely to tear down the outdoor show’s woodland venue.

An additional, Marlon and Michael tend to be unintentionally drafted in to the military to get their afros shaved down. In another episode, Michael is adopted by women gorilla.

Another unusual theme was that a disproportionate range episodes showcased youthful Michael Jackson dropping involuntary:

• On a flight to Hawaii, the five brothers crash onto a desert island. Michael gets hit in the head with a coconut and encounters a band of pirates.

• In the event entitled “Michael White, ” the near future King of Pop strikes their head in a cycling accident and dreams that he’s a hiding in a cottage where their brothers are becoming dwarf-sized, like into the story of Snow White. Michael bites a poison apple and straight away collapses.

• In “Michael in Wonderland, ” Michael becomes unconscious on a roller coaster ride and desires he could be in the Wonderland motif park.

• In “Jackson plus the Beanstalk, ” Michael falls asleep and dreams he features offered the jalopy in exchange for secret beans that develop a beanstalk outside his family members’ residence (a la the story of Jack while the Beanstalk).

The busy recovery routine had been an issue for Balser.

“Chuck Jones ended up being the vice president in charge of kid’s development at ABC during those times, in which he was a friend of my own, and I also got a note to him because I became really concerned, and I said ‘what the results are if I never deliver?’ Balser said. “A few weeks later on, one of is own assistants came over – we were working on another things also – so we sought out to meal, and then he thought to me, ‘incidentally, I got a note obtainable from Chuck: you will do perhaps not not deliver.’ “

Balser, who’s today resigned and located in California, says there have been vast alterations in the animation field because the times of hand-drawn cartoons.

“its losing one thing, since there’s some thing about hand-drawn cartoon, ” he stated. “I don’t know whether the reason being i am nostalgic for this or what, but as somebody stated, ‘The difference between hand-drawn animation and computer animation is, computer cartoon doesn’t always have a soul.’ “

Of course, he doesn’t believe all is lost.

“There’s one thing that has not changed, which is interaction, tale, concept. When you’re making a film, the fundamentals however come down to: Did you have a very good script? Could it be well-presented? Once it is ready, the means of cartoon doesn’t change lives any longer.”