Lumberjack Plaid Jacket
Image by Jacquelynne Kosmicki from Pixabay

Lumberjack Plaid Jacket

I’m usually not someone to make a pattern more often than once. In the end there are so many beautiful patterns online, i ought to understand I have over 100 (we don’t have actually a precise count because I won’t count all of them). Therefore I’m astonished that I have sewn up 3 x!!!

We made initial one for the Fabricista Fashion Challenge this past year from a camel fleece additionally the second ended up being a burgandy fleece version for a Christmas gift. This 3rd one is a striking grayscale lumberjack plaid. We stumbled upon this gorgeous plaid with a hint of sparkle in Hancock Fabrics while trying to find wool for my New Look 6324 cape. I had to possess it because 1) Everyone loves grayscale 2) I enjoyed the hint of glow and 3) it was on clearance!

So far as the structure it self you can easily read my past analysis, but I will share some modifications I made. After making and putting on my fleece variation I noticed that we kept reaching for pockets that weren’t truth be told there hence i must say i wished ways to stop the coat from traveling available on windy times. Since modifying is a major extra of stitching yours garments I decided to add pockets and a belt. For the pockets I simply utilized a pocket structure piece from another structure when it comes to pocket itself. After affixing the collar and flat stitching the sleeves we pinned along side it seams (from sleeve to hem) and attempted the layer onto determine where to position the pouches and marked that area with pins I quickly connected the pockets and carried on with all the procedure.

The buckle i merely slashed two rows of this plaid (about 4″) by the width (60″) for the material and sewed from both end to about 1″ through the center of the gear (making about a 2″ orifice for switching) then I topstitched the entire belt. Thankfully 60″ is enough to tie around my waist, but i’d have chosen a longer buckle but I experienced only bought adequate material for the design and was using the services of the scraps I had kept. I added buckle loops over the pouches at each and every part seam.

Two small distinctions working with wool in place of fleece.

  1. With fleece I experienced kept most of the natural edges incomplete as well as on the wool I experienced to narrow hemming. Although this performed add time it didn’t undoubtedly add any complexity.
  2. I became right and level felled seams tend to be simpler on thinner material. The techique had been just a little challenging on the puffy fleece I experienced found in yesteryear.

This really is a fantastic structure that sews up simple but makes a statement. I’m finished with this pattern in 2010 but i could see myself pulling it out once more after that fall/winter.