Lumberjack padded Shirts
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Lumberjack padded Shirts

The set of Lumberjack garments is fallen in pieces by Undead Lumberjacks within the Temple Trekking minigame. Lumberjack clothing, whenever used, gives extra Woodcutting experience for cutting logs. This can include experience gained from chopping ivy, obtaining lumber from a Woodcutting skill land, and cutting panels for jobs at the sawmill. This does integrate experience through the Evil Tree Distraction and Diversion, not for finishing a sawmill task. Level 44 Woodcutting is needed to put on Lumberjack clothing. The items of Lumberjack garments are as follows:

Knowledge boost

A female player using lumberjack clothes.

A complete lumberjack ready may be kept in the armour case within the Costume Room of a player-owned household.

The 5per cent knowledge boost does pile with extra knowledge.


Lumberjack clothing is obtained during the Temple Trekking and Burgh de Rott Ramble minigame. One of the events players may encounter during Temple Trekking is an area where there is a broken bridge. This event is where the clothing can be obtained. In this event, undead lumberjacks may come out of the water (note, sometimes no lumberjacks appear and trees must instead be used to repair the bridge). They drop planks, which can be used to repair the bridge, but they can also occasionally drop pieces of the Lumberjack set. One or more pieces can be obtained per event.

After the 17 August 2011 revamp, the undead lumberjacks will drop the pieces in order, beginning with the boots, then your hat, feet, and top. Missing pieces will undoubtedly be fallen before you decide to get duplicates for the set. The pieces additionally became more common falls after this up-date. All the Lumberjack products can be obtained on the paths. The pieces are dropped in a cycle and extra sets can be acquired after you have finished one.

The quickest method to obtain the Lumberjack ready would be to guide an agent who has the capacity to tell exactly what lies forward. This gives 3 possibilities to find the broken bridge event at each and every intersection. Rolayne Twickit has a bonus to be capable see ahead of them costing only level 20, whereas another NPCs just gain this capability after their 3rd degree tier.

To obtain the Lumberjack clothing inside shortest length of time you really need to finish the very first event of a trek before screening the events for a connection. Chances of finding a bridge event tend to be greatly increased for the second event of a trek compared to finding one in 1st occasion. After completing the very first event, search all three paths for a bridge occasion. If you do not have a bridge event forward merely lobby or change globes. This can end your trek and save your valuable development. As soon as you switch worlds or join, merely speak to your friend once again to resume your trek. This can allow you to continuously be searching for bridge events whilst finding them more commonly than seeking all of them since the first occasion in a trek. If done properly, you should expect you’ll receive the complete ready within about two hours. Each connection instance can spawn a max of 3 undead lumberjacks, therefore cut the additional trees that are inside instance.

Instead you can just take anyone through path One (the easiest route). This allows the gamer to miss previous many fight events.

  • The information for clothing checks out, “you will certainly be alright putting on these”, referring to The Lumberjack tune within the Brit comedy sketch tv series Monty Python’s Flying Circus. This really is one of several recommendations to Monty Python within RuneScape.
  • Regarding first-day of launch, there was a glitch in which players are not in a position to receive the boots as a fall. It had been a lot easier to obtain the various other clothes pieces before this is fixed.
  • In the past, Lumberjack garments neglected to use its knowledge boost when cutting ivy. This has been fixed. Now it includes the additional knowledge straight into the total knowledge won by chopping.