Lumberjack Jill
Image by Cornell Frühauf from Pixabay

Lumberjack Jill

is Popeye’s 162nd cartoon, circulated by because the antagonist, Olive Oyl because the love interest, and a cantankerous beaver as slightly player. Although it shares the northwoods signing theme of this 1934 Fleischer cartoon, it can by no means be viewed as a remake of this cartoon, along with its love triangle theme differing totally through the earlier cartoon’s lumberman’s challenge contest.


The cartoon gets underway with an establishing chance regarding the “Popeye and Bluto Lumber Camp, ” with an indication prominently published from the front entry that checks out “Cook desired.” The chance pans out to show united states both male prospects at the office felling a tremendous fir-tree. Popeye has industriously wielded his axe to open up a considerable cut, while Bluto, regarding opposite part, has expended all his work in whittling a picture of Dorothy Lamour with a lascivious look-in his eye (a scene similar to ). In discussing the imminent arrival associated with brand new prepare, Popeye declares, “i am woikin’ up an appy-tite!” Bluto responds, more than only a little suggestively, “Yeah-So am I!

The scene shifts to Olive Oyl paddling the woman freight-laden canoe to the camp’s dock. Popeye falls his tool and speeds off to assist the woman arrival. Bluto, left momentarily inside lurch, tosses both axes to pin Popeye by the neck into bole of a tree while he moves in on the girl he addresses as “Cookie.” Such as other cartoons regarding the period such as and, Bluto starts giving the oblivious Popeye tasks to perform for him off the beaten track while he makes their moves on Olive. After meekly obliging for a while, Popeye enters an altercation with his larger rival and Olive is forced to intercede (video footage that was later re-inked and incorporated into ). She dissipates the tight circumstance by asking the 2 combatants to secure the woman some firewood.

In a somewhat foreseeable scenario, Popeye outperforms Bluto and it is the first to deliver the required load of lumber. Bluto, as always an aching loser, pours the contents of a can of gasoline along the stovepipe, causing it to explode whenever Olive ignites it with a match. Olive blames Popeye for the debacle and accepts Bluto’s offer to exhibit the girl round the camp.

A new scene opens with a canoe on a hill lake, and Bluto serenading Olive with “Love In Bloom” while associated himself on a steel saw (artwork that has been to be re-inked and employed in ). An irate beaver takes issue with Bluto’s music overall performance and severs the canoe in two together with his teeth. Olive’s part of the craft becomes caught in a present and this woman is quickly in imminent risk of being hurled over a waterfall. Both guys pole logs so that you can save the lady from particular doom. After a tug-of-war, they succeed jointly, simply to catapult the woman to new risk at the top of a lofty tree. This time its Bluto whom outperforms Popeye, and simply as he is mostly about to kiss Olive Popeye is re-catapulted into her place and gets the kiss rather.

Olive, meanwhile, is flung onto a wood flume whilst the two men struggle it out. We are shown the death-dealing circular saw blade that awaits her at the end of her descent. But regardless of the grave and imminent hazard to Olive, the males still joust over simply who’s to truly have the privilege of effecting a rescue. Bluto utilizes his immense strength to employ a tree trunk area as a sledgehammer and weight Popeye’s body all the way through the deck of flume. In a scene raised practically verbatim through the roller-coaster entrapment sequence in, Popeye handles to devour his spinach, and dispatches Bluto and snatches Olive through the jaws of demise in nick period.

Inside final scene, Olive is back into the kitchen, and provides the victorious Popeye with a basket filled with the woman home-made biscuits. The famished logger tries to just take a bite, only to have all his teeth shatter and drop out of their gums.