Competition axes for Lumberjack Sports British Columbia
Photo by Ernesta Vala on Unsplash

Competition axes for Lumberjack Sports British Columbia

Loggers’ Sports is not the faint in mind. It entails stamina, power, and grit to participate. Basically, Loggers’ Sports competitions display that is top lumberjack and it has a long record within province and our professors. Becoming funded because of the FUS and money raised by-past Forestry Graduation Committees, there was a good amount of logger gear for your hands on. Keep Forestry custom alive and get an appreciation the lumberjack and Jills being a solid element of our record.

What We Do

Our activities of focus for competitors may be Axe-throw & cross-cut sawing (also known as solitary & double buck, which can be using 5 foot lengthy handsaws), and potentially progressing into various other activities. Another sports are offered for demonstration & training, but won’t be the main focus for tournaments. The occasions we apply tend to be susceptible to alter.

Along with Canlog, hopefully to develop an application in which a team of students may become competitively skilled to increase against United states universities & compete in Logger Sports.

Below is a listing of the countless events that UBC Loggers Sports provides:

  • Axe putting
  • Double buck (cross-cut saw)
  • Solitary dollar
  • Stock saw
  • Choker competition
  • Underhand Chop (for many skilled)
  • Group Relay (for tournaments)

How do you get involved?

In which: UBC Loggers Sports Field (next to the Thunderbird Park Sports Fields)

When: methods take place on Wednesdays at 3:00 PM and Saturdays at 12:00 PM

Contact: Arlo Hugh, Elora van Jarrett, Loggers Sports Representatives for UBC’s Forestry Undergraduate Community

Much more: Stay updated with all the most recent news following our Loggersports Facebook team!