Canadian Lumberjack stereotypes
Photo by Yusuf Onuk on Unsplash

Canadian Lumberjack stereotypes

I acknowledge, in past times i might made some jokes at the expense of our pals into north. I seem to bear in mind a quip involving America’s cap specifically. But days past have left, I’m today an avowed enthusiast of Canada and her folks. Just what persuaded myself? It’s quick, throughout the last 36 months I’ve checked out Canada repeatedly and each time i must say i liked myself. We grudgingly started to take the fact Canada is not all that bad and in fact it is pretty awesome. Therefore now i wish to set the record right and address some well-known stereotypes of our Canuck friends. Eh? (sorry, couldn’t withstand)

Unboring poutine

1. Canadians are boring – I’m unsure exactly how this 1 began, possibly it’s because Us americans sometimes confuse Canadians with all the British, but I can attest that our buddies towards north come in no way humdrum. How do I prove this? Well, while they have actually a fairly intense love affair with curling, they adore hockey that will be not boring. Additionally, they created poutine, more unboring of all snacks. Stereotype – Fake.

See, no snow

2. Also cold and snowy – okay, winter months in Canada are cold, very cold. Once we left Banff it absolutely was -24 Fahrenheit. That’s really cold. But it was also winter therefore know, it should be cool and snowy when you look at the wintertime. I did so get an appreciation though for why countless Canadians flee to warmer climes in January and February, i might also. But Canada in the summer is gorgeous and decidedly unsnowy, unless you’re when you look at the Arctic perhaps, but that doesn’t count. Stereotype – Fake.

3. It’s all lumberjacks and curling – We can’t state that i’ve ever seen a lumberjack in Canada, although I’m sure they occur, but curling does take place. I became in a hotel in Canada as soon as, looking forward to a pal, in addition to television in the lobby club ended up being tuned to a sports station. To-be more accurate, it absolutely was tuned to a curling online game (match?). Later on inside day I happened to be walking through city and a winter event that includes curling classes ended up being going on. We can’t state I’ve previously observed this in the usa. Stereotype – Half-true.