Canadian Lumberjack Hats
Photo by Anastasiya Gepp from Pexels

Canadian Lumberjack Hats

Yes sirree…together we’re going to MAKE LEDERHOSEN GREAT AGAIN!!!

It really is probably one of the most expected and enjoyed moments of Snowbombing few days, bringing together each ‘bomber in a wild, anarchic cavalcade of costume, chicanery, amazing DJs, live acts plus good hearted oompah cheer than the finale of Oktoberfest… as well as 2017 we are happy to announce that we tend to be carrying all of this stuff, and the incredible character and crazy abandon of the SB Street celebration to Sun Peaks this April! The time has arrived to announce the Snowbombing Canada Street Celebration motif…

we have very long championed the many national delights available in the house of Snowbombing, Mayrhofen Austria. Awesome beer, yodelling, hats with feathers in, Heidi, the noise of Music… It really is all nutrients! Nevertheless now your event may name sunlight Peaks and British Columbia because’s new house from your home, we thought it absolutely was only appropriate to mix an array of Austria and Canada’s most liked aspects and roll it into one hell of an open environment bash… What was the effect? Females and men, we’re pleased to introduce the Lumberjack vs Lederhosen Street Party!

beneath the beautiful spring sunlight, we will be daring Snowbombers to select their side and do (friendly) struggle across a variety of games, shocks and specifically created areas, whilst an array of very DJs and performers do their thing on-stage. What exactly will you plump for: The beard, examined top, beanie cap and axe (synthetic please!) of the humble Canadian lumberjack? And/or feathery hatted, green lederhosen clad and gingham shirt combination which our Austrian brothers have made so iconic? It is a difficult choice there is no doubt…

Our awesome songs lineup includes the honestly fantastic Snakehips, the ice-cold remixers who’ve been making waves on both edges of the Atlantic, plus sufficient help from Funk Hunters and Harrison Brome, alongside a huge amount of surprise visitors nevertheless to-be announced… look out, Snowbombers!

With specifically custom made soundsystems designed for outdoor use and a bespoke lighting effects rig after the sun goes behind the mountain, we can’t wait to welcome you all to your initial Snowbombing Canada Street celebration. Whether you’re limbering up as a Lumberjack or choosing to bedeck yourself in luxurious Lederhosen, pick your part and portray for your team… Do your (brat)wurst!