Canadian logging industry jobs
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Canadian logging industry jobs

Labour Power Survey

Source: Statistics Canada, Labour Energy Study (unique extraction).

Note: Employment–includes tasks held by individuals used directly when you look at the following sectors: forestry and signing, companies involved in help activities for forestry, pulp and paper product production, and lumber item manufacturing. Data tend to be sourced from Statistics Canada’s Labour energy research (LFS). The LFS information are used to capture the amount of self-employment into the forest industry.

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Survey of Job, Payrolls and Hours

Resource: Statistics Canada. CANSIM dining table 281-0024: study of job, Payrolls and Hours (SEPH), work by sort of employee and detail by detail us business Classification System (NAICS). (March 31, 2016)

Note: Employment–includes jobs held by people used right inside after companies: forestry and signing, sectors taking part in help activities for forestry, pulp and paper product manufacturing, and lumber product production. Data are sourced from Statistics Canada’s the study of work, Payrolls and Hours (SEPH). The SEPH data are used for researching direct work in forestry thereupon in other sectors.

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Canadian Program of Nationwide Accounts

Supply: Statistics Canada. CANSIM table 383-0031: Labour statistics in keeping with the machine of National Accounts (SNA), by province and territory, job category and North American Industry Classification program (NAICS). (June 17, 2016)

Note: the machine of National Accounts (SNA) is used by Statistics Canada to assemble the appropriate information on the Canadian economic climate into a frequent collection of metrics.

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Direct and indirect work

Resource: Indirect employment is calculated by All-natural Resources Canada utilizing Statistics Canada’s National Symmetric Input-Output Tables (15-207-XCB) and Statistics Canada’s nationwide Multipliers (15F0046XDB).

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Earnings and salaries


Note: the income, in money or perhaps in sort, of Canadian residents for work carried out before deduction of income taxes and efforts to retirement funds, work insurance coverage also social insurance schemes.