Canadian Intercollegiate Logger Sports
Photo by PNW Production from Pexels

Canadian Intercollegiate Logger Sports

if the Ottawa REDBLACKS score a touchdown at TD destination, the Algonquin Loggersports Team is going to be difficult in the office. The sounds of chainsaws will fill air as Ottawa latest baseball tradition starts to take form, the cutting of a REDBLACKS wood cookie from a log.

The ceremonial cutting of this timber cookie will take place in the western endzone after each and every touchdown! These wood medallions are tokens of occasion to commemorate the REDBLACKS achievements regarding the field.

By way of Ottawa’s rich soccer history there are numerous practices which have been passed down from team to team at Lansdowne Park. This is actually the first custom developed through the REDBLACKS era.

The Algonquin College Loggersports team and their particular chainsaws are set up to rev-up for virtually any online game. The plaid-cloaked people whom operate all of them await the second REDBLACKS touchdown as well as the possibility to slice the cedar and make the lumber potato chips fly like fireworks!

Ottawa’s logging heritage is an essential the main REDBLACKS story. The addition of loggersports staff is a component that ties that lumberjack last using the present, based on the President of Sports for OSEG Sports, Jeff Hunt.

“There’s great synergy between the Loggersports team additionally the tale behind our REDBLACKS branding, ” said Hunt.

“Our logo design features a saw knife background that pays tribute into the founding of Ottawa as a lumber industry town; and our mascot is a lumberjack, prompted by the guys just who cut woods in the Upper Ottawa Valley and rode logs along the Ottawa River towards the St. Lawrence and markets beyond. The Loggersports team respects that exact same history and I know their abilities and showmanship will improve our fan experience.”

The Loggersports Team, based at Algonquin’s Pembroke Campus, participates in intercollegiate lumberjack abilities competitions in many different traditional forestry-related abilities.

Algonquin’s Loggersports Varsity Team is a part associated with Canadian Lumberjacking Association and competes in two significant tournaments each scholastic 12 months, competing against universities and colleges from across Eastern Canada therefore the Northeastern usa. The team consists of women and men which spend thousands of hours training for competitions in events eg sequence sawing, axe throwing, pole climbing and cross-cut sawing.

“This is fantastic publicity for the team members and an opportunity to allow them to show a large audience what a great recreation Logger Sports is, ” stated Loggersports Coach Chris Ryan. “We’re thrilled and incredibly pleased to-be the state Loggersports team associated with the REDBLACKS therefore we want them great success inside their particular inaugural season.”