Best Lumberjack Recreation
Image by Gerrie Grobler from Pixabay

Best Lumberjack Recreation

Camping allows you to escape from the trap of urban problems, escape from the usual surroundings and enjoy the calming landscape. However, its benefit lies not only in a change of scenery. There is plenty of scientific evidence that outdoor recreation reduces stress levels and has beneficial effects on the mind and body. Nevertheless, outdoor recreation can not always be pleasant if the sun is scalding or if it is raining.

The best solution
Image by Ben Frieden from Pixabay

The best solution

The device of a recreation area under a shade n net is the simplest version of a gazebo that you can think of. There is no foundation, walls and strong supports. Simply choose a good place on the site from which you can admire the surrounding landscape, and install racks with a canopy. Moreover, as a roof of this design, you can use almost any material, ranging from modern waterproof fabric to modern acrylic transparent coatings.

acrylic transparent
Image by Felipe Lopez from Pixabay

Simplicity of the device

After all, the main advantage of a recreation area under a canopy is the maximum simplicity of its device, plus mobility if necessary. And such zones look no worse than ordinary stationary arbors, although, in fairness, we note that the border between a capital canopy and a light air arbor is blurred, and sometimes the same building can be called both.


A canopy often combines a landscape group into one concept, especially if the furniture, landscaping and garden paths were originally made in completely different styles. But, whatever your idea and commercial shade, give preference to light elegant or dark noble tones of the canopy. Even easier – for white, what is always win-win. The main thing is to show taste and style in choosing and arranging a recreation area under a canopy so that it does not look like a lurid market tent.

1 November 2022