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Arborist Consulting Services

Looking for arborist consultation services, you need to understand what his consultation is, and also whether he is a certified specialist.

There are several reasons why you may need such services. The arborist will generate various reports that you may need in the city forestry department, and will also be able to assess the risks of a particular tree for both you and the tree.

What does the consultation include?

  • First of all, the consultation includes the preparation of an arborist report on the completion of the inspection of trees on the territory. Such reports are required in the Forestry Department for various reasons. In it, a certified arborist describes characteristics such as the location of the tree, appearance and health status, also assesses problems and consequences, as well as how to solve them.
  • You need reports when you want to build a house on this territory. You need permission to remove the tree or plant it. During the inspection, the arborist will evaluate its breed, whether it is protected and whether it is possible to remove it without consequences.
  • Besides the fact that it is important for people, it is also important for trees. The arborist’s services include risk assessment for trees. It consists in monitoring, preventing and informing about various potential risks to trees, which may subsequently become a risk to people and real estate.

    Image by hagenstaadt from Pixabay
  • An arborist can also draw up a tree protection plan for you if you are going to build a house near trees. This plan is necessary so that you don’t damage the root system by describing how to avoid existing trees.
  • A consulting arborist can diagnose insects and diseases. Trees may look healthy on the outside, but inside they may be affected by insects or various diseases that can lead to irreversible consequences that will cause damage to the tree, person and real estate. That is why it is so important to apply for such services.

This is a list of some, but important reasons why you may need the services of an ISA certified arborist. This will help you avoid a lot of problems and enjoy your trees.