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Snickers Lumberjack commercial

Lumberjacks Culture / November 5, 2015

Every weekday, we enable you to get the Ad Age/iSpot Hot Spots, brand-new and trending TV commercials tracked by, an organization that catalogs, tags and measures activity around television adverts immediately. The brand new Releases here ran on television the very first time within the weekend. The Most Engaging ads tend to be showing sustained social heat, placed by SpotShare scores showing the % of digital activity related to each one within the last few days. Understand methodology right here.

Among the releases, Fiat broadcast its brand-new ad tie-in with "Zoolander 2" throughout the Golden Globes (see Ad Age's protection right here), Toyota sets star James Marsden (of X-Men team) in a lumberjack competition, and Audi has actually somewhat man error the latest Q7 design for an alien spaceship. At the same time, the Geico Gecko ensures always to leave his automobile because of the valet, and Snickers demonstrates its idea of "Confulish" - a mixture of confusion and foolishness brought on by hunger - with an art model whoever vacant tummy tends to make him present nude for a group of biochemistry students.