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Lumberjack Skit

Lumberjacks Culture / June 5, 2016

This Skit is supposed for Boy Scouts.
Decide for yourself in case it is right for your younger scouts or otherwise not.


2 scouts


Clerk: Another beautiful time here in the north woods. This new cargo of chainsaws certain appearance sweet. It should be no problem offering them.
Lumberjack: Day!
Clerk: hey all. Exactly what can i actually do for your needs?
Lumberjack: Well, i have been cutting much timber, my old crosscut-saw is practically worn out. I want a saw.
Clerk: Oh, this is your lucky time! This chain saw enables you to reduce twice as much lumber as your old crosscut. And, it really is just $100.
Lumberjack: Sounds like a great deal. Right here you choose to go. (fingers over cash and takes saw)

(the following day)
Clerk: Really, another gorgeous day within the north forests.
Lumberjack: Hey! I believe there is something very wrong with this specific saw. I worked two times as tough yesterday but only got 1 / 2 just as much wood slice when I performed with my old saw.
Clerk: Hmmm, it doesn't appear right. Here, I would ike to put a new sequence onto it and you will test it once more.
Lumberjack: Alright, but if it doesn't work much better, i will be back tomorrow.

(the following day)
Clerk: Really, another stunning day within the north forests.
Lumberjack: We give-up! This saw is merely no-good. It is fat and I also'm simply not getting adequate wood slice. I would like my money-back.
Clerk: I'm sorry to listen to that. Can you mind basically simply investigate for yourself very first?
Lumberjack: certain, here. (fingers him the saw)

(Clerk pulls the beginner line and then tends to make noisy motor noises.)