What the World s Greatest Lumberjack Can Teach You About Balance

Lumberjack meaning

Lumberjacks Culture / June 20, 2016

Meanings consist of: women. Definitions feature: an unattractively aged lady; "old crow". Definitions feature: a bad young lady with conspicuous intercourse attraction. Definitions consist of: general derogatory term for women. Definitions feature: an imaginary pet that is unsightly, skinny, and female. Definitions feature: "female for female." Meanings include: significantly sarcastic kind of target made use of between ladies. Definitions include: a lady resting with guy behind the girlfriends right back. Meanings consist of: a promiscuous female. Meanings consist of: a lady with an attractive body, but an unsightly face. Definitions feature: Ho Bagel: a lady or woman just who encircles and rests along with other guy. Definitions include: a female friend. Meanings feature: an ugly feminine, often due to obesity. Meanings consist of: a guy who effectively fulfills women, gathers their particular phone numbers after which has actually sexual intercourse together with desired feminine. Meanings feature: a manifestation of excitement or happiness, utilized mainly by computer aficionados. Definitions consist of: a command/invitation to simply accept reality. Meanings include: "alright, " "which is cool, " "i am fine with this." Definitions consist of: To take. Meanings include: in order to make you frustrated. Definitions include: to execute a U-turn. Meanings include: acronym for "blue display of death."

Source: onlineslangdictionary.com