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Canada Lumberjack / August 15, 2017

We've covered in past times the way the new does the rounds in 2015 over the hipster community and among men whom prefer to match fashion trends, therefore we have published helpful information on the, a well liked hairstyle trend in 2014 and 2015. Therefore, once we discover both lumbersexual beard (aka hipster beard) mixed with a 2 Tips Undercut, we need to blog about this.

The 2 action Undercut

This particular haircut is now preferred again within the last year after it absolutely was final found in the mid-20th century (with petrolatum-based oily pomades!). At its core, the 2 Step Undercut is an Undercut haircut which has had yet another layer of undercut locks. The 2 Step Undercut became popular in 2014 after it was popularized on the web by web sites just like the Men’s Hair Forum and macho Curls. This 2-step haircut ended up being actually a spin-off of another well-known haircut in 2014: the middle contour haircut or government haircut. At some point in late 2013, a man had the idea that, in place of tapering the sides as per a mid contour haircut, the sides is cut in two undercuts, making use of two locks clipper lengths rather than one hair clipper size depending on the regular undercut hairstyle. And so the 2-Step Undercut was created.

The Lumbersexual beard

A Lumbersexual beard is basically a complete unkempt beard that resembles the standard beards of lumberjack guys (along with of homeless males). Actually, a lumbersexual beard is just an accessory regarding the entire attire of being a lumbersexual dude.

The thing is, through the mid-2000s, we'd the metrosexuals, then your ubersexuals and, today, the lumbersexuals. Essentially, the aim of the lumbersexual is to possess rugged macho appearance of a lumberjack mixed combined with the modern-dude Starbucks-addicted hipster life style. Many people have called lumbersexuals on because the trend is much more of an “all show no go” look than anything else. At the very least metrosexuals, since annoying as a lot of them might be, looked great and had been into the way of life of searching great. Anyway, I digress.

Blend the lumbersexual beard with a slicked back 2 Steps Undercut and…

You will get this.

A hipster with all the slicked back undercut hairstyle and the full beard

This picture may be the epitome of a lumbersexual. The beard is full, dense and unkempt, the undercut actions are carefully clipped and the locks is slicked right back with pomade. The look does in fact look great, but i believe the truly amazing slicked straight back hairstyle of their is what balances the somewhat-unaesthetic beard. Definitely, so when I’ve printed in the past, the guy within the picture is a handsome male model, so the actual look would probably look entirely the opposite of just what it looks on the photo above.

Always keep in mind any style or look, since bad as it might be, will look great on a handsome male model whose images tend to be after that re-touched by expert companies after the pictures were taken by a genuine expert photographer. Your mileage will certainly vary with regards to such high-risk types, but you can constantly rely on yours truly (whenever my schedule enables) to help you with any hairstyles that you would like to try. You should be conscious that I always give real non-sugar-coated comments when it comes to a hairstyle suiting some body. All things considered, that is one of our responsibilities as barbers: to give our clients best haircuts and hairstyles in accordance with their particular specific instance.

Exactly what can you dudes think of the lumbersexual trend? Feel free to inform us of opinion into the comments below and, as always, any hairstyle questions that you may have can certainly be expected the following!