Bristlr Is a Dating Service for Bearded Men and People Who Love Them

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Canada Lumberjack / December 18, 2017

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This profile picture says "I'm mystical, get to know me". Moreover it shows that I'm perhaps not envious of other people's love since I'm standing underneath their tree.

Second Step: Create An Unforgettable Username

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Directly to the point and totally real. I think my possible suitor will appreciate that my username fits the photos.

Next Step: Answer In All Honesty

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Get savagely honest. If it suggests starting an existential crisis in your prospective partners, then therefore be it.

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These answers show that I am religious and superstitious. The kind of combination that produces men weak inside legs — from running away.

Step Four: Browse the create

You now will see suits which can be towards you. I've had tons of fun taking a look at my choice today.

The Provider

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He can groom a beard and destroy a crazy pet. Both attractive in a weird way.

A Pal Into Kids

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Title regarding the software is Bristlr, and so I would suggest being more certain together with your profile picture. At this point I cannot tell if i am on a night out together with Santa or Santa's fully cultivated adult friend.

Wait ... I just saw another wedding commercial. Ugh. I'll take both, thanks.

Man Bun Hunk Alarm

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This dude is stylish. We'ma strike him up ASAP.


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This man made space in my situation to assume myself with him. By that, I mean take a screen shot of their profile and draw a stick figured version of myself next to him. He is with it when it comes to long game and I also am engrossed.